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* Our Author Interviews

Author Interviews

Image from Michal Zacharzewski, SXC

The interviews linked-to below have authors still working on their first book
as well as those with many books to their credit.
They range in age from their teens to their seventies.

They all have important things to say about writing…

Simone Benedict

Karla Telega

Jaleta Clegg

Mary Pax

Shari Green

Daryl Sedore

Irina Avtsin

Stacy Juba

Darcia Helle

Maria Savva

Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick

Haley Whitehall

Gwendolyn Newpenny

Lindsay Buroker

Jessica Greene

Shalon Sims

Nova Sparks

L. E. Crane (aka Eve Macbeth)

Sarah E. Glenn

Gwen Mayo

Linda Urbach

Perri Rhoades

Karla Telega, Part Two

Rebekah Webb and Car Johnson

J. G. Weller

Nova Sparks, Part Two

Jane Watson

Shannan Sinclair

Haley Whitehall Debuts First Novel

Lauren Elizabeth

Damaria Senne

Jerry J. Davis

Angela Yuriko Smith

Dan Holt

John William Rice

james crawford

Robbi Sommers Bryant

Irene Helenowski

Pat Bertram

Nia Holden

Lauren Elizabeth—Part Two

Jane Watson—Part Two

Ali Noel Vyain

Laura Cantu

Andy Shackcloth

Alexander M Zoltai on BlogTalkRadio

William M. Brandon III

Kate St. Clair

Max E. Stone

Ali Noel Vyain – Part Two

Nathaniel Danes

I Get Interviewed About My Writing :-)

Another Interview with me ~ Very Personal…

Philippa A. Rees

Johnpaul Mahofski

Max E. Stone — Part Two

Kenneth Edward Hart

Jamie Marchant

Geetanjali Mukherjee

Holly Gonzalez

J. A. Partridge

Raphyel M Jordan

Jennifer Morrey

Elizabeth Thompson

Ana Simons

Red Harvey

P A Hughes

Maaja Wentz

Angela Merlo

Alicia J. Britton

Sarah K. L. Wilson

John Collings


Jon D. Zimmer

Max E. Stone — Part Three

Adrian G Hilder

Mary L. Tabor

Adrian G Hilder – Part Two

E. Rachael Hardcastle

Fatima Ammar

Geetanjali Mukherjee ~ Part Two

Alexander M Zoltai on Smashwords

Iain Rob Wright

Eliza Gale interviews Alexander M Zoltai

Literative interviews Alexander M Zoltai


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