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Come On, Change My Mind ~ Vote In Our Survey :-)

A couple days ago, I posted a poll, soliciting readers’ opinions on what topics they wanted to see in this blog.

I published results the other day and there have been a few votes since then.

Knowing what my readers want is important to me, so I decided to put off a “normal” post and, instead, ask again for those who have yet to vote to, please, take a minute and register your desires.

You can either scroll down two posts or click here
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Survey Results ~ New Directions

Our last post was a survey; and, while I encourage you, if you haven’t voiced your desires, to scroll down and add your opinions, it’s been up long enough to not see any new votes for the last 24 hours.

I currently have an average of 58 people coming to this blog each day, which isn’t so bad considering I started it on January first.

There are about 7 people who regularly comment and the survey had 39 votes. Since each person could check 3 options, there may have been 13 people contributing to the results (so far).

The topic with the most votes (20.5%) was Writing, closely followed by (c. 18%) Writers’ Issues.

One surprise for me was the number three slot (15.4%), How Notes from An Alien Can Help Earth. If you’re new to the blog, Notes from An Alien is my book, being published May 16th and available free from the link in the right side-bar :-)

The remaining votes fell out like this:

Self-Publishing c. 10.3%

Reading & Genre Explorations both c. 7.7%

Language, Author Interviews, and Social Issues all at just over 5%

And, Global Issues and Publishing both at c. 2.6%

I gratefully thank everyone who voted and, again, encourage those who haven’t to scroll down and take part.

I’ll be pondering these results and working toward satisfying my readers’ desires; at least those readers’ desires which got expressed.

It’s interesting to me that there were no topics with more than around 20% of the vote. The spread of interests intrigues me.

What are your thoughts?
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Reading? Writing? Publishing? ~ Results from Our Poll…

There’s a poll I made and you can reach it by clicking here.

It’s been there since the 2nd of January and, just like I wish more folks would comment on individual posts, I wish more folks would take the poll. It can be of great aid in deciding what our readership wants to see here. Multiple answers are accepted :-)

The results, so far, are:

Writing=41.2% ~ Reading and Publishing both=23.5% ~ Other=11.8%

There’s a little link at the bottom of the form to view the results…

Thing is, there have only been 17 votes so far. If I go with the leading result for Writing, at this point in time, I would be ignoring that there’s a sizable count for Other…

The average number of viewers of this blog is somewhere around 45/day.

Wonder what all those other people think? Did they stay around long enough to notice the link to the poll?

I could reason that the people who have voted so far are the ones who are reading the blog and take my cue from them on how to apportion the themes of my posts.

Still, with about four years experience in blogging, I know that there are always more people reading a blog than indicated by actions taken on the blog (polls or comments or links clicked). Of course, there are also always more visitors to a blog than there are people who read it.

This blog is personal to the extent that it fulfills my daily need to write. I fulfill my daily need to read by following the sites in our Blogroll. And, I’ll be fulfilling my need to publish, again, by releasing my book in May…

This blog is social to the extent that I endeavor to create posts of value and interest to my readers…

Did you take the poll yet?

Do you feel a need to tell me more about what you’d like to see here than a poll can capture?

Are you the kind of person who is shy about leaving comments?

Is anyone still reading this post?? :-)
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