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What is “Author Voice” ?

To start today’s exploration of Author Voice, I’ll excerpt a bit from a post I published in November 2013—How Do Writers Find Their “Voice”? 

Author's Voice

Image Courtesy of Svilen Milev ~

“For those of you who’ve never considered what a writer’s Voice is, Wikipedia has a decent definition:

“’The writer’s voice is the individual writing style of an author, a combination of idiotypical usage of syntax, diction, punctuation, character development, dialogue, etc., within a given body of text (or across several works).”

“And, whoever wrote that definition (or, considering it’s Wikipedia, however many people worked on editing that definition) it has a peculiar Voice since it uses a completely non-typical word (not even in my Oxford dictionary)—’idiotypical’…”

And, in December of 2014, I published the post: The Writer’s Voice ~ More Than A Certain “Style”…

That one has a valuable video; however, the video is about qualities of voice in speaking

I say this about that:

“…I am a writer and I find using the tool of Analogical Comparison, applied to other arts, is a valuable source of learning in my art—painting and music are also great for this creative-borrowing of tools…”

I use a different flavor of Analogical Comparison in a post I published in October 2012—Can Writing Poetry Help An Author Find Their “Voice”?

This is the beginning of that post:

“Writer’s Voice is one of those terms that seems to change its meaning depending on who’s talking about it—almost as if ‘Writer’s Voice’ were capable of sensing who’s writing about it and letting that author’s Voice decide what ‘Writer’s Voice’ means…”

And, to round out the information in those posts, here’s a video about Author Voice with Joanna Penn (she’s “written 21 books and sold over 500,000 books in 84 countries and 5 languages”) and Roz Morris (“professional writer, editor, and writing blogger”—“sold more than 4 million copies of books worldwide”) ENJOY!

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Today’s The Day ~ Free E-books from Bestselling Authors Around The World

Last Thursday I alerted you to the Extra-Special Event that’s happening right now, July 14th—Digital Book DayDigital Book Day

It’s the brainchild of bestselling author CJ Lyons.

Here’s a link to all the authors giving away e-books.

And, last time I looked, they had over 400 free e-books!

And, here’s a most intriguing explanation about why she’s doing this:

“With all the chaos surrounding our industry, we thought it time to focus on the one person publishing can not survive without: The Reader.”

If you want more details, check out this post

Otherwise, get on over to the Digital Book Day site and have fun :-)
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More Proof That “Breaking The Rules” Is Good for An Author

Not long ago I tried reading 1Q84 by Haruki MurakamiHarukiMurakami

Didn’t get very far and mentioned the fact to my Best Friend.

She recommended I read Kafka On The Shore by Murakami

I loved it!!

I may go back to 1Q84 in the future, just to see what turned me off so quickly

In truth, there is no “Rule” about writing that a talented writer can’t successfully break.

For Murakami, breaking the rules of Japanese literature has made him an international bestseller.

Yet, as I’ve written about before, the phenomenon of being a bestseller has more to do with social factors (“luck”) than talent, since many writers are as good as Murakami, or any dozen other bestselling authors; but, their books may sell very few copies

Kafka On The Shore was a curious book—offbeat, intriguing, full of mystery and humor, and certainly “spiritual”.

Yet, someone else could list their descriptions of the book and not overlap mine at all

Murakami writes in a deceptively “simple” way—pulls you into his world with an affable style—cajoles your feelings, then treats you to many wonders

I could never write like him (though many now are attempting to copy his style) and I’m sure he could never write like me.

He’s an Authentic Author—spilling his soul on the page—creating his own “rules”—listening carefully to the story as he writes it

Some will probably find his writing “shocking” or “impenetrable” or “immoral”.

I’m still pondering the effect his book had on me so I’ll bow out of this space and let a video say something else

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