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On The Path Toward . . .

In my last post, I said my next step on the path toward my next book was to read my last book.

On The Path Toward A Book

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Well, true; but…

There’re parts of my last book that live on this blog—little moonlets of the book

Since the next book is in the same universe and time-span, I must take account of those extra scenes I wrote that weren’t in the last-book-proper.

This is a bit of a challenge (but, what writer worth their salt doesn’t like a challenge) and I’m marveling, again, at how much space a novel can have; even if much of that space isn’t in the book

I wrote a post last November that may be of interest—What Are Your Writing Habits?

Also, while I’m off doing this thing called writing (i.e., not posting as much here), do feel free to use the search box in the upper right or the Top Tags widget down a ways in the left side-bar to find other posts of interest………

Being Pregnant with A Book . . .

Time to catch you up on what I’m doing

I’ve finished all the preparatory research for my next book.

Next step is to read through my last book, Notes from An Alien, while making notes in Scrivener.

Then, weaving the notes into a form that reflects the events in the first book but tells a much more personal storycreating a set of “parallel” books

I’ll be back periodically to report on how the labor is going.

In the meantime, whether you’re a reader, writer, or publisher (or, all three), I strongly recommend your reading a post I wrote nearly two years agoperhaps, the most important post on this blog.

Also, until I can take another break from attending to my labor, you can use the search box in the upper right or scroll down on the left to the Top Tags widget to find some of the other treasures in my 1,000+ posts

Getting A Grip . . .

I’m still on sabbatical from my usual five posts a week and, slowly, getting a grip on what’s sent me on this furlough

It does have to do with my next book

Will post again when things are clearer

Getting A Grip On Things

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Due to unexpected circumstances…

I’m on indefinite sabbatical from this blog…

But, even though I may not be posting, there are 1,114 posts already here.

Use the Search box in the upper right or scroll down to the Top Tags widget in the left side-bar—

you may find something you like…

Image courtesy of Gabriella Fabbri ~

Image courtesy of Gabriella Fabbri ~

Friday Poll ~ How Much Do Book Covers Matter?

As always, we’ll first look at the results of last week’s poll—What’s Your Author-Gender Preference? 

How Much Do Book Covers Matter?

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1st Place was “It shouldn’t matter what the gender of the author is”

2nd Place was “I have no author-gender preference”

3rd Place — “I don’t pay much attention to the gender of the authors I read”

4th — “I’ve found no difference between male and female authors”

5th Place was a two-way tie:

I tend to prefer female authors” & from the “Other” space, “I like to read work from writers who can write well”

We also had one Comment from within the Poll (which is available from a small link at the bottom After you’ve voted…):

“I feel that literature is literature and that the gender of the author should not matter in order for the reader to enjoy a book ….and yet in this world, which likes to categorise everything nowadays in order to sell it, I feel, that a divide has been created for marketing purposes which serves neither female or male authors. My experiences as an author make me feel that my next book should perhaps be written under a gender neutral name :-)”


Now for this week’s poll.

Multiple answers are allowed.

The “Other” Space is there for your unique answers.

And, Comments can be made from within the poll after you vote

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