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Is Blog Traffic Something That Takes Hard Work?

I’ve been blogging for around 8 years—3.5 on this blog.

Blog Traffic

Image courtesy of Svilen Milev ~

I’ve tried many things to encourage folks to visit.

Most of them seemed extremely artificial…

I write the best content I possibly can—posts that have what I consider Value for the reader.

I don’t look at my Stats much anymore—just plugging away, saying what I feel I must say…


I thought it might be interesting to ask my readers what they’d like to see me do.

I’ve had many polls here—recently started a special Friday Poll—not for what I should post but other, more interesting topics.


This post will only succeed if I have a bunch of my 168 followers make a Comment—even very a brief Comment…

What direction do you wish I’d take on this blog?

[ignore the following link—it’s just to set up a Pinging service :-) —  Click here ]
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Your Opinion Absolutely Counts ~ Give This A Try

Blogging is a form of Social Media—one of the oldest.


Image courtesy of Wilton Rodrigues ~

Sure, it doesn’t Snap, Crackle, and Pop like some platforms but it has great potential for evoking meaningful conversations.

Still, the blogger has to work to craft posts that are worth talking about

Some of my posts generate the beginnings of conversations, some have 4 to 6 comments that don’t really form a conversation, and most have no comments at all

This doesn’t trouble me because I know from various stats that folks are reading what I write.

And, apart from the burning desire to get the words and the story out of the heart and mind, the writer’s greatest hope is to have folks read what’s produced.

Next would come the need to get meaningful feedback.

So, I decided to have a little experiment.

The first part of the experiment was whether you got this far into this post.

Congratulations :-)

Now, I’ll give you links to three articles that have been in my bookmarks waiting for me to figure out how to use them:

Can Fiction Improve Us? Yes, That’s What It’s For

Good English teaching helps students in math

Does Reading a Book Count More Than Listening to One?

O.K., now pick one of those to check out (two if your adventurous).

Go read your article and come back and leave a Comment

If you want to really get into this experiment, really push the boundaries of this blog, try to word your comment in a way that sparks another reader to comment about your comment

If you’ve read this far and are still in an experimental mood, you might want to read a post I did called, Why Do People Comment On Blogs?

It has posts I’ve done that got more than my average comment-count—though, still not what I’d call conversational commenting

Why am I doing this experiment?

To trick you into commenting?


I’m trying to trick you into thinking differently about blogs—thinking of them as a place to start and join in on conversations—make them places that outdo all those snapping, crackly, popping spaces that folks use, so often, to not really talk to each other but merely talk At each other

Naturally, you can avoid those three articles and just comment on what you think of this post’s “experiment” :-)
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I Can Not Do This Alone . . .

In twenty days, I’ll have been maintaining this blog for three years

Many people have helped me—a few much more than others

One in particular has been magnificently invaluable

The first level of help is the wide-ranging group of folks who write other posts and articles that I then reference and comment on—in many ways, I’m just a “reporter”.

Then come the individuals who are “brave enough” to make comments on the posts here—they are the other face of this blog.

Finally, the one who helps me the most

The other day I noticed there were 800 posts on this blog.

I wrote to the one who helps me most and shouted out the number.

Then, the email reduced to a stream of electrons, my mind realized I’d lied, not having written all of those 800 posts

The one who helps me most wrote three of those posts and she’s my best friend and confidant, author Jane Watson—mysteriously empathic soul

Everyone should read the interviews I did with Jane—here and here

She graciously and competently wrote those three posts while I was in hospital having a very nice man slit open my neck and left carotid artery to remove the gunk that had accumulated over decades from, mostly, a standard Western diet

Here are those intriguing posts:

The One Eyed Writer
Should Writers Suffer?
Intensive Care and Fear

And, because of the struggle to heal—not so much from the surgery but from the debilitating effect of all the drugs the doctors gave me—I had trudged on with my mission on this blog and grievously forgotten to thank all the readers who commented on those posts—wished me speedy healing—readers who continue to be the eyes of the other face of this blog—those who share their thoughts and feelings most regularly
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Select as many as you like:

Very Short Post With A Very Deep Blog Experiment . . .

Every so often I do a very short post with deep implications

Back in June of 2011 I wrote Where Do The Words Come From . . . ?

Two days ago Verlyn Klinkenborg wrote Where Do Sentences Come From?

The experiment is seeing how many folks read those two posts and leave me a comment about them, whether your comment is short, long, happy, sad, critical, or humorous :-)
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A Post Full of Questions About Blogs. . .

What do you like to see in blogs?

Why do you read them?

Do you relax when reading them or do they stir you up?

What’s you favorite kind of blog?

Are blogs a “form” of writing?

Will blogs ever attain classic-status like books?

What do you think motivates a blogger to persist even when very few folks comment?

Do blogs have to have pictures to be interesting?

Do you have a blog?

Have you had a blog in the past?

Are you contemplating having a blog?

What tips on blogging do you think worthy of sharing?

What’s the best blog you’ve ever visited?

Do you leave comments on blogs?

Are blogs a form of social media?

Has a blog post ever “saved” you from doing something stupid or dangerous?

Has a blog ever “enlightened” you?

Have you ever cried while reading a blog?

When you like a blog post, does that make you explore the depths of the blog—the sections beyond the daily posts?

Where did the word “blog” come from?

Have you ever watched someone “live-blog”?

Will blogs ever fall “out of fashion”?

Do blogs make an important contribution to the betterment of society?

Do many of these questions make you want to answer, “It depends on the blog.”?

Do you feel like you’d like to answer some of these questions in the Comments?

Will you answer one of them in the Comments?

If you want to make a comment but don’t, what holds you back?