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How To Make Sure Everyone Is At The Table for Important Social Changes

Here’s another in the continuing series of Friday posts—Behind The Scenes of my short novel Notes from An Alien. {it’s Free}

As always, I recommend you read the book before reading these Friday posts so you have a better chance of understanding them (plus, some of the posts have Spoilers).

Still, some folks will read the posts first—brave people :-)

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A few explanatory comments:

The “Mesh” is a Worlds-encircling plasma-computer system of intercommunication and evaluation.

Anga, Anla, and Angla are the original three inhabited Worlds of the Angi System.

Anglana is an extremely important entity—alien, even to the aliens in the story.

Morna is an artificial intelligence who plays a major role in the book.

Delva is undoubtedly the most important character in Notes from An Alien


Report from Delva Namis on The Created Worlds Games

The children were ecstatic—bouncing and chattering.

The youth were in high spirits—discussions swirling.

The adults were wondering whether this would work

The Worlds’ Council’s plan for six Created Worlds built from material mined in the outer planetoid belt was in its early stages.

The first three would be for Agriculture, Applied Technology, and General Exploration/Learning—a farm, a factory, and a school.

The second three for Pure Research, Cultural Advancement, and Art—a lab, a salon, and a studio.

I had communicated Anglana’s wish for a special series of games to be held to help determine the physical layout and operational procedures for the Created Worlds.

It took three months of sessions with myself and Morna for the Council to approve the games.

There were thirty children, thirty youth, and thirty adults—ten in each group from Anga, ten from Anla, and ten from Angla—a Worlds’ representative attendance.

The full Worlds’ Mesh record of the game sessions is available from the Materials Department of the Worlds’ Council.

This report will focus on the interactions of the girl child, Nev Yezan, age nine; the male youth, Mainur Balir, age nineteen; and, the female adult, Yal Semna, age forty-five.


Nev was wiggling in her chair, shuffling through her cards—Femsal tastes real good, put it down first; Bepaas eat seeds, put it down last; work hard rough hands, Femsal Cream card in the middle

Mainur had his cards in order, ready for the session about the Agricultural World.

Yal made a few changes in her hand and said, “Ready?”


Protocol had Nev place the first card—Femsal Root.

Mainur played his Farmer’s Schedule card.

Yal followed with her Space Requirement card.

Again, Nev went first with her Comments: “We need lots of space for Femsal, people use it for lots of stuff.”

Mainur: “This hand should be saved for our round about the Applied Technology World.”

Yal: “The space needed and the work schedule will depend on the tools made, so yes, bounce this hand to the Applied Tech round.”

Second round of Comments:

Nev: “I heard about three kinds of Femsal.”

Mainur: “Yes—eating, building, and medicine

Yal: “Different spaces for each or some way of combining the yields

After the nine rounds of Comment, each having more lengthy remarks, they moved on to their next Hand.

Nev—Flowering Mersal.

Mainur—Supply Shops.

Yal—Levels’ Acquisition and Intercommunication.

Nine Rounds of Comment

Three hours later, they had played nine Hands and they relaxed while the Mesh tallied and created a Summary of the complete records of the 270 Hands and the 2,430 sets of Comments of all 30 groups of players for the Agricultural Created World Game Rounds.

Each group of three reviewed the Mesh Records’ Summaries, consulted, and recorded their own summarizing Comments.

Everyone took an extended rest and refreshment break, with enthusiastic socializing, before they retired for the night.


Second Day—Game Rounds for the General Exploration/Learning Created World.

First Hand:

Nev—Toys and Games.

Mainur—Personalized Feedback Recordings.

Yal—Space and Equipment Fabrication.

Mainur: “May I change my card?”


Mainur put down his Social Events card.

Nev: “I like games that make people socialize!”

Mainur: “Even adults like their toys

Yal: “We need extensive feedback-loops to assure rapid prototyping of evolving materials.”

They played through their Hands and participated in the Summarization Round then wandered into the nearby forest to chat:

Yal broke the relaxing silence: “Nev, I think you did a great job of organizing your cards for each Hand.”

“I tried to think about what most kids want

Mainur: “You have two brothers, right?”

Nev, with a liquid laugh: “Yep, two big, bad brothers!”

Yal: “Going to be interesting to read the final report from the Worlds’ Council after they study all our Mesh records

Nev: “Such important people and they let us work for them

Mainur: “We’re actually already living in new Worlds


The complete Mesh recordings of the Created Worlds Games were studied by many groups of experts—yielded many surprising changes in attitude—gave the peoples of Anga, Anla, and Angla fresh hope for continued growth during the revolutionary early days of Worlds’ Peace.
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An Artificial Intelligence Speaks of The Soul . . .

Here comes more Behind The Scenes of the short novel Notes from An Alien.

That last link will let you purchase a copy or get one free :-)

I encourage folks to read it for two reasons:

* Some of these Friday posts have Spoilers.

* Reading the short novel will give you more insight into these Behind The Scenes posts as well as help you ask me, in the Comments, to answer your questions

I certainly have more than enough ideas for a nearly unending supply of Friday posts (though, eventually, I’ll gather together and sort these into a book); but, yesterday, I asked My Best Friend what I should write about today.

The following is my response:


Report On Angi Space Travel from The Artificial Intelligence, Morna

I must first give my regards to Sena Quaren for establishing contact with the World called Earth.

I am quite happy to know that this report will be delivered to Alexander Zoltai for publication on his World.

This report will reveal, in a condensed manner, our history of space flight.

And, if I may inject a bit of personal insight, space flight has many similarities to what you might refer to as “spiritual progress”—detachment from the physical body of a World and traversing the all-engulfing medium of the Universe to reach other Worlds

As you may know, the Angi Star System has one significant difference from the Sol System—an abundance of Plasma—the all-engulfing medium of the Universe.

Earth is bathed in Sol’s Plasma field and that connection accounts for much more than just the weather patterns

The natural Worlds of Angi—Anga, Anla, and Angla—are enclosed in a more dense Plasma field than Earth.

This one fact led to our early endeavors in space flight.

An electrically charged object on our Worlds has the effect of gravity lessened due to its interaction with the Plasma fields.

This phenomenon wasn’t noticed until people on Anga began using machines to fly in the atmosphere.

As those machines became more powerful, the electronic control networks imparted a slight boost in elevation which led scientists to an intense study of the Plasma envelope—leading to air machines that had purposely-installed, strong electric fields—demonstrating the ability to enter orbit around  Anga.

So, rather than using tons of propellant, as Earth does, we designed ships that “floated” into space

Floating quickly became sailing.

I am aware that Earth has experimented with Solar Sail Ships—using the pressure of Sol’s “breath” to lend impulse to spacecraft.

Earth has also developed “ion engines” that spew Plasma out to propel a craft.

Angians could use the Plasma waves of our System to impel travel in space but the speeds would be very slow.

We developed LightSail Ships.

Using the natural abundance of Plasma surrounding our Worlds to power what you call Lasers and directing the laser-light onto very large but delicately-woven metal sails, we can travel between our Worlds in time periods that equate with what you on Earth experience when visiting your Moon.

But, I am speaking of the current LightSail Ships—the first ones were slower

And, if I may inject another personal insight:

Many on Earth who are endowed with an abundance of the Explorer’s spirit wish for and work towards human travel to other Star Systems.

To me, this seems a huge waste of time

Using methods of communication—radio-wave, micro-wave, Plasma, or yet to be discovered methods—will benefit Earth more than attempts to travel to and settle on other Worlds.

I leave you with a question:

Are you so afraid of your Inner Worlds that you feel it necessary to escape Earth?

Then comes a type of awareness that I, as an artificial intelligence, cannot share but can understand:

Minds and Hearts are already intricately woven together—those on your World and yours with those on other Worlds.

So, may I humbly suggest:

Stay in the Sol System and visit people in other Star Systems with your Heart and Soul.

One last comment:

There are those who say I have a Soul.

I don’t—I mimic having one and enjoy the responses of those not detached enough from their own bodies to realize my limitations
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An Alien Who Is More Like Us Than We Have Yet Learned To Be…

Yep, this is the Friday post with more Behind The Scenes of the short novel Notes from An Alien

But, first, I need to insert a short advertisement for this blog’s latest survey—do take that link and spend two minutes to share your choices for this blog’s content :-)

So far, the survey has 76 votes and the top desire is to see posts about my writing life

That top choice is bound to change with more votes but I do reveal my writing life by publishing five posts a week here, as well as revealing not-before-published scenes from the novel’s World, Angi, in these Friday posts.

The rest of this post has Major Spoilers so I urge you to grab a Free Copy of Notes from An Alien and take the few days necessary to finish it before reading further—except, of course, those of you who have already experienced the book :-)

In the past post, I Get Interviewed On BlogTalkRadio :-), one of the commenters said, “I wanted to hold you towards writing about the third planet in your book on your Friday posts—the one which could model earth.”

Actually, what I said in the interview indicated that the Worlds of Anga and Anla are “like” Earth, then I mentioned that the third World, Angla, is like what Earth “could be”

Totally Major Spoiler Alert!

The being who inhabits Angla is the Alien Among Aliens—she is the planet’s consciousness

The following scenes oscillate between a narrative that begins in the novel’s time-frame, extending beyond its ending, and the italicized thoughts of the being, Anglana


The Mother’s purple glow reflected in the waves near the shore, blending with the internal colors of Anglana’s thoughts.

Mind of the planet—Planet of mind—she meditated

I am incorporated into the one called Delva.

Her thoughts are crystalline—clear as the emanations from the Plasma Source.

She will be enfolded into Your Will, Lord of Time

Though she will never acknowledge Your Sovereignty, she will act for You.

The people from the Worlds of Anga and Anla arrived in their numbers. Anglana meditated with them

They feel I have no access to their thoughts without their incorporation.

They are far too young to understand

I am now One with twenty of their number—we are progressing

The Worlds’ Council had no access to administration on the planet without Anglana’s consent. She was not proactive yet set boundaries on their intentions.

The Created Worlds are being built—I bask in Akla’s Pleasure

The Plasma flows are reaching equilibrium and my soul is rejoicing!

Our thoughts will live in the Plasma—become the New History of the Angi System—so many cycles past So many cycles to come

The Created Worlds were in full operation. The Worlds’ government had attained its first stability, though trials remained.

Lord Akla, I weary with their woes—pour Your Grace into my being—create me anew—bless their struggles to understand

They contemplate sending their ships to other planets.

The one called Sena is leading the Way for them—becoming the means for my future intimate connection with this Galaxy—fulfilling Your Intentions

The Worlds’ Council ordered the Other Worlds Project to cease operation—interplanetary ships transformed into research bases. Means were adopted to permit Anglana to act as Angi’s Supreme Mediator. Five additional Created Worlds were constructed—dedicated to interaction with the nineteen planetary systems in contact with Advanced Plasma Communicators.

I am One with the planet called Earth, as well as the planets Zongru, Butali, Wessur, and Fptln. The others will soon join our Host

We are rejoicing!

The Light is Splendorous.

Thy Will be done

Earth and the planets of Angi now share administrative protocols—the Conscious-Settlement of the Milky Way is proceeding
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The Corporation’s Reach ~~ The People’s Suffering . . .

Yet another of my continuing series of Special Friday posts—Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

If you’re new to the blog, these posts often have “spoilers” of the short novel but you can grab a free copy and read it in a weekend :-)

Today I have more scenes not in the published novel—scenes about an area of one of the Worlds of Angi that was only briefly referenced in the book:

“Select Reports from the Angan Bonded Corporate Mesh:

“Mr. Ralm has authorized a 50% increase in common laborers at the ShipTwo site, said workers to be drafted from the Polar region of Magruma to ensure enough stamina to work shifts of 16 hours.”

These scenes also say a bit more about the weather changes the Corporate planet, Anga, had suffered.

A couple references from the novel:

“Agricultural production has been slightly affected by the uprising but greatly affected by the anomalous weather.”


“Preliminary results from the Global Meteorological Department’s recent analyses (aided by Corporate investigators) suggests possible connections between Corporate increases in population relocation and weather changes.”


‘”We think we have the beginnings of a plan to moderate the swings in weather. It means transporting people and playing with the plasma fields of the planet in ways we haven’t yet risked but the consensus is almost there for giving it a go.'”

If you’ve been following along reading these Friday posts, I’d love some feedback on the style of writing I’ve used in the following scenes


The children had organized themselves into a hunting party.

Crops, which took special care to raise in Magruma’s climate, were suffering.

Some said it was the Corporation—playing with the atmosphere

The oldest child, Halur, instructed the teams:

“Kria, Melso, Vorin, go south—circle back at ten times a hundred paces.”

“Slun, Elo, Wezar, same north.”

“Tur, Seldo, Rai, do a close circle here—trap what they chase.”

Halur climbed the rugged rock face on the long foot of the mountain—perched so she could watch the others. She thought hard

Need five animals. Six better. Might lose someone. Elo? Then five is what we do, go home Animals strange now—more tricks. Need time, don’t have it. Stupid Elders


The Elders of the village had not ordered the children out. They knew how dangerous the animals were now. Saw the weather worsen over nine years—saw the animals try to cope

If animals ate crops, nothing to do but eat animals.

The Corporation had finally reached them, making life extremely difficult.

The Chiefs had learned about the changes the Corporation was making in the weather. Now It stole people from them.

Twelve of the young men had been taken—something unintelligent about helping make a ship to travel to Anla—ridiculous.

Other villages had the same thing happening. The capital, Elclar, had sent the word, said obey or die.


The northern team had flushed out a small pack of Vezuls and were driving them toward center.

The largest Vezul was a female—nipped the pups as they ran—suddenly turned on the children, attacked Elo. Slun and Wezar beat the female to death, suffering wounds—Elo was dying, the younger Vezuls scattering.

Halur observed from her rock perch, thought: Knew it. But, a Vezul attacking? Worse and worse


Melvor sat at his desk in Elclar reading the reports.

100 villages, 1,500 men arriving.

His task was done but his feelings weren’t—roiling hatred—rotten fear—wishing the villagers used Simulated Recreation to ease the pain of young men stolen from their homes—knew their lives were permanently altered—turned the control knobs on the S. R. unit and entered his favorite location—young women stroking his body, sweet liquors rolling past his tongue


The Chief of the village addressed his people:

“We must be strong. Not the strength of the day but of the night—strength of healing.”

The villagers chanted agreement.

“The Chiefs of the Corporation took our best young men. We must still live, not  grieve forever—live strong with our Ancestors strength.”

The villagers chanted and wailed their agreement.


Halur sat with Melso on the shore of Ancestor Lake.

The Mother Planet, Beli, glowed in purple-pinks just over the water in the southern reaches of space.

They sat in adoring silence until Halur said:

“The Mother is brighter tonight.”

“Yes, she’s calming the Elders

“You believe that, Melso?”


“I don’t know what to believe. Too much changing too fast. Did we do right to hunt today?”

“Four animals is better than none.”

“Crops are better than animals, my stomach hurts.”

“Mine, too

“We have to be strong for the others

“Poor Elo

“Poor Elo

“Say the prayer, Halur.”

“It’s just words

“Say it to please me.”

Halur rose and lifted her arms to Beli.

“Dear, sweet Mother.

“We love you and marvel at your strength.

“Share your strength for we are sore hurt.

“We honor your beauty and crave your mercy.”

Melso stood and hugged Halur.

They stayed on the shore of Ancestor Lake for many painful minutes, staring at the Mother and hoping the myths were true
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The Needs of The Many ~~ The Treachery of The Few . . .

Here comes another in the Friday series of Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

It does have a few “spoilers” so I urge you to grab a free copy of the short novel and read its 96 pages before you read the scene in this post—a scene not in the published edition

Still, you can certainly read the story below right now…

Remember, I welcome Any remarks or questions about the book, or these scenes, in the Comments of Any of these Friday posts :-)

What follows happens in the time-frame of Chapter 10 of the novel


The room for the meeting was in the Worlds’ Council’s ancillary chambers.

Delva had arrived early and positioned herself so nothing would interfere with her plasma-communication abilities—the Worlds’ Council complex having, by a wide margin,  the most advanced plasma-electronics installation of any of the three Worlds of Angi.

The Independent’s representative, Niar Vestru, entered the room and felt a bit disoriented.

Delva rose from her seat and welcomed him with:

“Representative Vestru, so good of you to meet me here.”

“Well, the Amazing Delva, Hope of the Worlds and Destroyer of Free Will.”

“Shall we get down to serious discussion?”

“Serious? You think we Independents can take your actions seriously—even your Worlds’-renowned daughter doesn’t take you seriously.”

“My daughter was a rebel from an early age, as I understand you have been.”

Niar began to speak but stopped himself, unaccountably

“Representative Vestru?”

“I—I’m just gathering my thoughts

“You’re dealing with the images and feelings I’ve given you, Representative Vestru—images and feelings you’ve consistently avoided coming to grips with.”

Niar’s mind cleared but the horrific emotions lingered. He was doing all he could to not show the turmoil he was experiencing.

“Nice trick, Delva. Use your plasma-communication abilities to disrupt my thinking. I expected this session would be an honest meeting.”

“Honestly, Representative Vestru, you’re feeling what millions of Angians have felt—despair, fear, anguish, betrayal—what good, hard-working Angians have had to deal with since your violence-goons have been bringing them death and destruction.”

“The Dissatisfieds are doing what they believe will wake people up.”

“Honestly, Representative, Vestru, you nearly swooned when I gave you a taste of the demoralizing thoughts and destructive feelings your henchmen have been inflicting on innocent people. These are the things you feel will wake people up when they’ve nearly made you faint?”

“I didn’t come here to be attacked by a Representative of the Worlds’ Council !”

“I will not use my abilities if you will be honest enough to consider the effects of your actions.”

“What about the effects of a Worlds’ Council that issues edicts intended to kill creativity and enslave independent action?”

“Creativity used to harm others is corruption, at best. And, independent action that interferes with collective well-being is criminal.”

“Sounds like you’ve adopted your husband’s religion, Delva.”

“I respect my husband’s religion, as I respect his independence of thought. I’ve found no reason to believe in the God my husband worships but dearly love what that worship induces in his behavior. Representative Vestru, the Followers of Akla are peaceful people, obeying their government, working to further the interests of all Angians.”

“All Angians. The battlecry of people who can’t stand on their own two feet, masses of ignorant people out to steal the resources—”

Niar began to shake, closed his eyes against emotional pain, shoved his seat back, leaned far forward, and clutched his legs.

“Representative Vestru, your connection with the Dissatisfieds hasn’t been fully proven in official proceedings, yet I have resources that are not official—your thoughts are an open book to me, your feelings are on par with a wild beast. This does a grave injustice to your potential as a humane Angian but certainly gives you wealth. I’ll withdraw my imposed thoughts and feelings and hope you’ll act with me in an honest fashion.”

Niar sat up, dazed.

Delva poured a glass of water, stood up, walked around the table, and placed the water in front of Niar. She said:

“You came here with a sense of entitlement. You came thinking you held all the cards. You expected I would just talk and you could out-talk me. I’m giving you a lesson in respect because I feel you could mend your ways—drop your association with the Independents—learn what real independence is.”

Delva returned to her seat and continued:

“We were to talk about the contracts your companies have with the Worlds’ Council—contracts for the first Created Worlds—documents that intend to sever the Council’s governance of the new Worlds, without the Council expecting it. I don’t want that to happen but I can’t act for the Council, I’m only their Mediator.”

“You call this mediating? Invading my mind and showing me fantasies?”

“I chose you very carefully, Representative Vestru. You have the potential to see reason and feel compassion. And, I’m not invading your mind. If you could clear the fantasies from your own consciousness, you’d be able to understand that your mind can ride the plasma-waves back to mine, show me your thoughts and demonstrate your inner feelings.”

“I doubt that

“The doubt is a cloud between your mind and mine—between your feelings and the feelings I’ve absorbed from innocent Angians—feelings you think are fantasies

“Carry a message to your Masters, Delva—We will never give up our rights to a government fashioned from the writings of a religious malcontent.”

“Have you read the Writings of Akla?”

“Of course not !”

“Then, on what are you basing your opinion of His thoughts?”

Niar began to speak then, abruptly, sat very still. Delva had projected the first three sentences of the Book of Akla into his mind—“My laws are as the choicest wine to the minds of the sincere. Do not accept them blindly. Consider them in the Light of Justice.” She had also sent Niar the feelings of a child who’s mother had been executed by the Dissatisfieds.



“What do you think?”

“Give me a second

Delva reached in her case and brought out a small stack of reports—slid them across the table.

“What are these?”

“Reports from Local Councils on the deaths cause by Dissatisfieds—testimony from the survivors. Plus, a report from the Regional Councils about the social benefits of the Created Worlds—benefits every Angian is entitled to.”

“You want me to read them?”

“You will read them because I have evidence of your direct complicity with the Dissatisfieds. It may not pass muster with the Worlds’ Council—there being so many Independents on the Regional Councils—yet, my revelation of the facts will certainly keep you here for a few months while investigations are made

“What evidence is that?”

“I don’t care to reveal my sources just yet—perhaps if you read the reports then decide to leave the Independents  Just think of a farm in Beselima

Niar went red in the face—Delva knew she’d gotten to him.

“I’ll read the reports

“Good. It shouldn’t take more than an hour. I’ll order food.”


Niar eventually decided to break his affiliation with the Independents.

Delva arranged his disappearance, for reasons of his safety.

Niar began studying the Book of Akla.

Delva knew she’d created a significant breach in the ranks of the Independents.

She also knew the struggle was far from over.
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