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Writing from Your Center ~ Authentic Authorship

My Best Friend is someone I’ve never met in my “real” life—the one where I feel my body and hear the cacophony of a world in travail

She lives in Australia, I’m in the U.S.A; but, we communicate

She knows I’ve been struggling, deep inside myself—struggling to hold on to my Authentic Self

She sent me links to two videos today.

They’re both Coleman Barks performing Rumi.

Whether you’re a Reader, Writer, or Publisher, you’ll benefit your authentic self by reading Bark’s translations of Rumi’s poems.

I’ve written before about the importance of poetry for any writer

And, I now have four posts (including this one) dedicated to Rumi

The first video below was done in cooperation with MythicImagination—exploring the need we have to know we’re on the right path

The second one in cooperation with IntegralLife—blending the Blues with ancient poetry

If you can’t support the idea that human life can be lived in resonance with a Realm far beyond mere bodies and mundane activities, don’t watch these videos

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Getting Up Close And Personal…

Our last post had me interviewing Simone Benedict. I’m in the process of lining up a number of other writers, some published, some aspiring, and bringing them here to talk about the strange craft they pursue.

Today is me interviewing myself…

I’m a writer but I used to be a singer.

What motivates me in music is the very same mojo that writing gives me.

My soon-to-be-published book carries the same thumping heartache as the Blues, the same impetuous triumph as Jazz.

I was raised by two ministers, Mom and Dad, and my two older sisters also became ministers.

I tried for six decades to fit into our corporate-controlled world and failed miserably.

My book, Notes from An Alien, explores fundamentalistic religion and fundamentalistic corporatism. It also portrays possible solutions to both.

The whole struggle of my life is woven into the book. The whole song of my existence is sung by the book.

Yet, I’m just a writer who used to be a singer…

Maybe you’ll understand my motto, “I’m a writer with roaring flames in my heart”, if you hear one of my favorite singers.

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