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Blog Conversation Concerning “What Should I Write?” . . .

Our last discussion here was on June 6th & June 11th…  It dealt with Etymologies—word histories—and explored their value for readers and writers… Since the last part of that conversation didn’t elicit any comments, I’m moving on to a new discussion… And, just before I do that, I must announce that, after this coming Friday […]

Our Conversation About “Serious Writing” Continues…

 This particular conversation about “serious writing” began last Wednesday —> Blog Conversation ~ “Serious Writing”… And, by way of prologuing the repetition of part of what that post said, here’s the comment that kept this conversation going: “I was trying to choose a poem to read at a charity gig we are putting on next week ‘Music […]

This Is Not a #BookReview . . .

Five days ago, I published a post with a video featuring the author, Elif Shafak…  Shortly after I finished that post, I downloaded a copy of her book, The Forty Rules of Love : A Novel of Rumi. I was stunned… In a very positive way… Have you heard of and/or read Rumi? He lived back in the […]

Poetry, Translation, & Life

This post makes 23 on this blog that have something to do with Poetry…  And, one of my absolutely favorite poets is Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī… Plus, one of the best interpreters of Rūmī is Coleman Barks… I say “interpreter” rather than “translator” because all the good translators I’ve known say that translating poetry is actually […]

Writing Paradoxes

Yesterday, I re-blogged a post from Roz Morris—Three Paradoxes of the Writing Life.  Today, I’m going to comment on those paradoxes… First, though, let me tell you a bit about Roz: She’s an extremely successful Ghostwriter. She’s written three excellent books about writing. She’s written two fantastic works of fiction. She’s available for Speaking and Tutoring. […]