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#MainStreetWriters Founder Honored by Publishers Weekly

The award is called PW Star Watch and Laura Stanfill, publisher of Forest Avenue Press, was one of the honorees… Laura Stanfill - Publisher

Laura is also the founder of a Movement I’ve done many posts about—the most comprehensive one is, Main Street Writers Movement ~~~ for: “Everyone who wishes more people were reading and talking about literature.“

Main Street Writers Movement When she was honored, Publishers Weekly said:

“Just over five years ago, Stanfill launched Forest Avenue Press, a publisher dedicated to showcasing Oregon talent on their own turf. Its inaugural release, ‘Brave on the Page’, a collection of essays from some of the Pacific Northwest’s top writers, landed on Powell’s bookstore staff’s top five list and was named Book of the Year by the bookseller as well. Each of Stanfill’s subsequent four books landed on regional bestseller lists.

“When Stanfill acquired ‘Landfall’ by Ellen Urbani, the author envisioned more than a regional reach for her book. At the same time Stanfill wanted to expand her business on the national stage. Their goals aligned to the benefit of both. Stanfill signed a contract with Legato, a division of PGW/Perseus and published ‘Landfall’ just ahead of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina—Aug. 29, 2015—the setting of the novel. The goal was handily achieved.”

That excerpt is from the article at the link up there that says, PW Star Watch; and, Laura said this about it:

“…the PW article…talks about me as if my achievement of distribution for Forest Avenue was the big reason I got chosen. I’m pretty sure it had everything to do with community building and the work we’ve been doing for five years… because all the presses there had distribution so that certainly didn’t set me apart. And yet, I’ll take it. An industry award, being recognized at our five year anniversary, and getting to go to New York to celebrate with industry members and friends? A dream come true. I’m still starry-eyed.”

And, here’s the Forest Avenue Press article that last excerpt is from…

I’ve been in e-mail communication with Laura since February and can promise a number of future posts about her Movement, which should interest the following folks:

“Writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, editors, publicists, agents, and anyone who wants to participate in the literary conversation.”

Finally, here are all my posts about Main Street Writers Movement.
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The Largest Book Publishers ~ 2016

As far as publishing goes, regular readers of this blog know I lean toward Self-Publishing; but, I don’t completely abhor Traditional Publishing… 

If you go to those last two links, you’ll find 151 posts at Self-Publishing and 41 posts at Traditional Publishing (This post might be at the top of both those lists…)

So, it seemed time for another article on the Traditional folks :-)

The information I’ll give you about traditional publishers isn’t restricted to the USA’s Big Five.

It comes from Publishers Weekly and lists The World’s 52 Largest Book Publishers, 2016.

Check out that last link for more info about the list; but, without further ado, here is that list:

Rank 2016 Rank 2015 Publishing Group or Division Parent Company Parent Country 2015 Revenue in $M 2014 Revenue in $M
1 1 Pearson Pearson PLC UK $6,625 $7,072
2 2 ThomsonReuters The Woodbridge Company Ltd. Canada $5,776 $5,760
3 3 RELX Group Reed Elsevier PLC & Reed Elsevier NV UK/NL/US $5,209 $5,362
4 4 Wolters Kluwer Wolters Kluwer NL $4,592 $4,455
5 5 Penguin Random House Bertelsmann AG Germany $4,056 $4,046
6 7 China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd China South Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd $2,811 $2,579
7 6 Phoenix Publishing and Media Company Phoenix Publishing and Media Company China $2,755 $2,840
8 8 Hachette Livre Lagardère France $2,407 $2,439
9 9 McGraw-Hill Education Apollo Global Management LLC US $1,835 $1,855
10 11 Grupo Planeta Grupo Planeta Spain $1,809 $1,943
11 12 Wiley Wiley US $1,727 $1,822
12 12 Scholastic Scholastic US $1,673 $1,636
13 18 HarperCollins News Corp. US $1,646 $1,667
14 14 Cengage Learning Holdings II LP Apax and Omers Capital Partners US/Canada $1,633 $1,708
15 20 Springer Nature Holtzbrinck & EQT and GIC Investors Germany, Sweden, Singapore $1,605 $1,167
16 16 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company US/Cayman Islands $1,416 $1,372
17 15 China Publishing Group Corporation China Publishing Group Corporation China $1,402 $1,495
18 NEW Zhejiang Publishing United Group Zhejiang Publishing United Group China $1,364
19 10 Holtzbrinck Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck Germany $1,231 $2,000
20 21 China Education Publishing & Media China Education Publishing & Media Holdings Co. Ltd. China $1,154 $1,108
21 19 Oxford University Press Oxford University UK $1,137 $1,181
22 22 Informa Informa plc UK $1,073 $1,075
23 23 Shueisha Hitotsubashi Group Japan $1,013 $1,033
24 29 Kadokawa Publishing Kadokawa Holdings Inc. Japan $1,009 $793
25 24 Kodansha Ltd. Kodansha Ltd. Japan $969 $997
26 26 Shogakukan Hitotsubashi Group Japan $850 $859
27 27 Bonnier The Bonnier Group Sweden $827 $836
28 25 Egmont Group Egmont International Holding A/S Denmark $786 $896
29 30 Simon & Schuster CBS US $780 $778
30 28 Grupo Santillana PRISA SA Spain $702 $793
31 31 Woongjin ThinkBig Woongjin Holding Korea $552 $577
32 32 Klett Klett Gruppe Germany $540 $560
33 35 Messagerie / GeMS Messagerie Italiane Italy $502 $460
34 18 De Agostini Editore* Gruppo De Agostini Italy $483 $1,367
35 33 Groupe Madrigall Madrigall France $478 $531
36 34 Les Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut Frojal France $432 $482
37 38 Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press UK $399 $409
38 36 Media Participations Media Participations Belgium $371 $426
39 37 Mondadori Libri The Mondadori Group Italy $350 $410
40 40 Westermann Verlagsgruppe Medien Union Germany $327 $364
41 42 Sanoma Sanoma WSOY Finland $307 $355
42 43 Cornelsen Cornelsen Germany $284 $346
43 46 Haufe Gruppe Privately owned Germany $279 $285
44 44 Kyowon Co. Ltd. Kyowon Co. Ltd. Korea $277 $312
45 46 WEKA WEKA Firmengruppe Germany $253 $286
46 45 La Martinière Groupe La Martinière Groupe France $246 $292
47 49 Gakken Co. Ltd. Gakken Co. Ltd. Japan $239 $257
48 52 EKSMO-AST Privately owned Russia $233 $211
49 51 OLMA Media Group Privately owned Cyprus $213
50 50 Bungeishunju Ltd. Bungeishunju Ltd. Japan $201 $216
51 53 Groupe Albin Michel Groupe Albin Michel France $194 $204
52 57 Shinchosha Publishing Co, Ltd. Shinchosa Publishing Co, Ltd. Japan $182 $176

* The 2015 sales figure for De Agostini reflects sales of books and partworks only; it excludes all other revenue.

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One Top Rank Author Who Isn’t Fighting Amazon . . .

Ever been to the Frankfurt Book Fair?Amazon Hachette

I’m sure there were many comments, on stage and off, about how Amazon is ruining the literary world.

I’ll bet there were any number of arguments about the worth or threat of Amazon.

There was an article in Publishers Weekly that led with this sentence:

“At a standing room only session at the Frankfurt Book Fair, bestselling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho had a message for publishers: Embrace change. And, lower your e-book prices.”

This is quite a different perspective from other famous authors—like John Grisham and Stephen King—who are battling against Amazon and supporting the big publishers.

If you haven’t been keeping up with all this, checkout my past post, Almost Against My Will ~ Yet Another Look At The Amazon–Hachette Dispute…

Here are two other things Mr. Coelho said in that Publishers Weekly article:

“I’m not saying the war is lost. I’m saying we humans are still here because of our capacity of adapting ourselves. The war is not lost. It is the opposite. The war is won. Culture is now available all over the world. People can read.”

“There is a golden rule. Don’t be greedy.”

I was so impressed that a man who has sold more than 150 million books in over 150 countries worldwide could be so sane about where the literary business is heading that I went and found a video of him.

I think it speaks to everyone in the world…

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censorship Everyday, I scan my Google Alerts for news items and blog posts about publishing, writing, and reading. Many times, certain stories show up in multiple places.

But, there’s one about censorship that isn’t being covered widely—an action, in itself, quite ominous.

You, my reader, could be anywhere on this Earth with Internet connection; this story is about what the Congress of the U.S.A is up to.

{This post was first published while the legislation mentioned was still being considered; yet… something like it could well be considered again…}

Still, if the U.S.A. is going to begin engaging in Internet censorship, like certain other countries do, more is wrong with this purportedly Free country than meets the eye. And, whether you like the U. S. A. or not, what it does is still extremely influential on the World Stage

I’ve featured Cory Doctorow in many posts on this blog.

The issue he deals with in Publishers Weekly‘s article, Copyrights vs. Human Rights, can be summed-up, somewhat, by these excerpts:

“SOPA [the bill before Congress] would create a new standard for ‘intermediary liability’….these intermediaries could be ordered to censor or block access to, and funding for, any site accused of copyright infringement, without due process, without a jury or the right to rebut accusations.”

“Such orders would emanate from the State Department, which would be vested with new power to demand Web sites be delisted from domain name servers….But SOPA doesn’t just arrogate these unconstitutional powers for government—it hands them over to entertainment giants.”

“As bad as this is, it gets worse: SOPA would also expand the definition of copyright infringement to include hosting a single link to a site that is alleged to contain infringing material….and [that site] faces all the same sanctions—without any proof required, or due process.”

I was born and raised in the U.S.A. and have watched this Noble Experiment in Democracy become over-run with corporate greed that threatens to completely obliterate fairness and equity for the vast majority of its citizens.

Doctorow’s article needs to be read in-full, so those of you inclined to take action will take action and those of you who lean back, bemoaning circumstances you feel are inaccessible to influence, change your mind and Take Action. In fact, those in other countries could pass this post along to friends in the U.S.A.—remember, this story is being craftily hidden from mass consumption ( I know, Publishers Weekly is a major magazine but Jane and Harry up the street don’t read it {many writers don’t either})

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