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Fictional Science & Science Fiction

My most recent book might be considered sci-fi by some readers or perhaps Speculative Fiction

And, even though science fiction doesn’t have to have accurate science (since it’s fiction), many sci-fi writers strive to keep most of their science authentic or at least “plausible”

So, where do they go to get it right?

If writers use mainstream scientists as their expert resource, they will probably not have True science.

[Reader says, “What did you say, Alex?!”]

Basically, I’m saying that most mainstream scientists are not using the Scientific Method.

If you’ve ever encountered an expert—even a world-renowned one—yet known they were full of it, you might understand my saying that mainstream science can, often, be dead wrong.

For instance, the word Cosmology, defined in my Oxford dictionary as:

“the science of the origin and development of the universe. Modern cosmology is dominated by the Big Bang theory, which brings together observational astronomy and particle physics. ”

First off, the Big Bang theory has no Scientific validity.

Also, if you check the etymology of the word,
“mid 17th century: from French cosmologie or modern Latin cosmologia, from Greek kosmos ‘order or world’ + -logia ‘discourse'”,
you see cosmology as a discourse about the world.

You may not be aware of the fact, but mainstream cosmology discourses about many things yet never broaches a conversation about you and me

Why have humans been left out of cosmology?

Perhaps for the same reason mainstream scientists believe the universe began by exploding from Nowhere?

There are certain scientists questioning the egregious fantasies that parade themselves as science.

Michael Clarage is one of them.

Here’s his short Bio:

“B.A. from Carleton / Ph.D. from Brandeis Research in Radio Astronomy, Fractional Calculus, Protein function, Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, Neuroplasticity, Transformation in Biology, Genome Plasticity”

I urge you, even if you don’t try to have proper science in your writing, to take the next 18 minutes and listen to this man make some Eminent Sense ( he’s not that hard to understand :-)

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What Made You Write That Book?

This post is part of the new Friday series: Behind The Scenes of the story Notes from An Alien.

If you want to avoid having “spoilers” intrude on your enjoyment of the book, just grab a free copy and read it before you dive deeply into this series of posts—the book is short and, deep{this post has no real spoilers}

Today I’m going to begin to fulfill the wishes of Jane Watson, the first to request particular Behind The Scenes coverage.

Do feel free to share your desires, in the Comments, for “glimpses into the depths of the book—character disclosures, about people already in the novel and those yet to be mentioned—revelations of events that happened in the Worlds of Angi but weren’t rendered in the published edition

In the Comments to a previous post in this series, Jane said: “…I would be happy to know some of the philosophy and ideas that fuelled the writing of the novel….And I’d like to know something about the novel’s symbols. Tell me more about plasma…”

Without giving you my whole personal history—all of which somehow feeds into why I wrote the book—I’ll at least mention how my early 60s were the “worst” time of my life

I faced severe depression based on a decades-long series of remarkably bad decisions.

I also lived through the treatment for Hepatitis C (a deadly virus that attacks the liver).

This necessary regimen was an invasion of drugs, 11 months long, that I can best characterize as “sledgehammer medicine”

To my delight, I had a remarkable spiritual renewal during the horrible physical experience.

In fact, the whole cycle of despair, threat of death, and dreadful-treatment-inducing-renewed-confidence-and-hope can be seen as a rehearsal for the plotting of Notes from An Alien.

All my life I’ve felt the constraining force of “culture”—the mostly materialistic culture that has our world in its grip.

Since my mid-40s I’d been following a particular spiritual Path—struggling on that Path since I’d certainly bought into a number of the premises of our materialistic culture.

We rarely know the massively detrimental effect of false premises until we receive a major life-test and find them severely deficient

So, I’d gone through a major transformation—creativity intact………

When I firmly had the Theme of Notes from An Alien in mind and heart, I knew the story would begin with a war between two Worlds—one completely Corporate, one completely Religious.

A Corporate World because, no matter how beneficial the working-concept of this business model, too many of our World’s corporations have left human virtue behind and focused solely on their bottom-lines.

In the story, the people of the Corporate World, Anga, are born Employees of the Corporation. They all have implants in their brains—endocrine implants that wreak havoc with their motivations

They also have Simulated Recreation—personal virtual worlds used to calm and propagandize

A Religious World because, no matter how beneficial the work of religious people, most of the World’s religions have become far too dogmatic—even grossly materialized—straying far from the love and harmony promulgated by the religions’ Founders.

The Religious World, Anla, shows a dominant Faith that celebrates “submission to God”—plus rendering thanks for social advances—by tying people to stakes and draining their blood, which is imbibed by feverish followers

When we scan our life on Earth, we see the most egregious actions arising from Corporations and followers of Religions.

Both these sources of social influence have sorely tried me in my life—both had to be portrayed in the book.

So, Corporatism and Religiosity became potent Symbols in the story.

Plasma became a Symbol—some say a Character—because of my many years of study of the new paradigm in science—Plasma Cosmology.

Plasma is a state of matter, like solids, liquids, and gases, but it fills about 99% of the Universe—it shapes galaxies, stars, and planets—it forms electromagnetic pathways between Worlds—it exists in our bodies

For me, Plasma became a Symbol of the Connectivity that exists between all individuals—the unification that makes us One People

I’m working on a post that will delve more deeply into how I use Plasma in the story.

I’ve begun to answer Jane’s requests—I’ll come back to these themes again

If I’ve been unclear, make me clarify with further questions; and, if there are other aspects of the book you’d like more information about, let me know in the Comments

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Setting A Few Things Straight About The Universe . . .

plasma cosmology Writers do all kinds of research; especially, for their characters, plot, theme, and setting.

Some even create alternate universes so they can craft special situations.

But, what if we’re stuck in this universe?

I’ve always tried to keep up with scientific findings but, over the last 15 years, I’ve taken the time to study an alternative approach to understanding our universe that bids fair to completely overturn the standard theories of mainstream science.

How would something like this affect me if all I wanted to do was write a love story, or a thrilling mystery?

One would think that if I stayed away from hard science, this new knowledge wouldn’t much matter.

The thing is that my study of this new field of human understanding is also overturning most of what passes for knowledge about the vast treasure of Mythology.

So, if I’m writing something that goes deep into human motivation and I want it to strike the right chords in the reader, I should consider the new Paradigm

Ultimately, because psychology shows that the deepest, not-conscious information and motivation have profound effects on conscious action, the closer I can get to the Truth about the Universe and my place in it, the better I should be able to write works that relate well with my readers.

Naturally, there are writers who skim the surface of life, write about it, and sell thousands of books to readers who gobble up the result

I ain’t built that way.

Also, I feel the most sensitive writers have already been tapping into this new Mythological, Scientific Paradigm.

Psychological sensitivity has a way of reaching deep into the soil of human understanding and bringing up what appears to others as amazingly powerful insights.

So, there could well be folks reading this post who don’t need the rest of the information I want to share………

Apparently, humanity has three Main Stories:

First is the rich heritage of Myth which has powered some of the most profound philosophy and psychology.

Then came the Story that Science attempts to tell.

The Third Story is just now being written—a Story with More Honest Science which incorporates New Appreciations of Myth—a Story for Humanity’s Future

Let’s be imaginative for a moment:

If you truly believed the Earth was the center of the Universe, the stories you wrote couldn’t help but somehow reflect that belief, right?

By the way, some writers are still crafting stories in that universe

I want to give you two resources to explore that might change your mind and feelings in profoundly deep ways.

The first is a Synopsis of the New Paradigm of Our Universe. It begins with a quote from H. P. Lovecraft:

“The most merciful thing in the world … is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents… The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality… That we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

Believe me, that quote was clearly used for Effect. The information at that link has little chance of driving you mad or back to a personal dark age :-)

The second resource is the following video.

Even if you think you have little stomach for science (or even mythology), if you’re a serious writer, I urge you to watch it.

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