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Little Free Libraries All over the World

The other day, my Best Friend told me about something new to her in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia—Street Library.  Little Free Libraries World-Wide

She was quite surprised when I told her I’d blogged about them; in fact the first time was back in 2012, in the article, Little Libraries Spreading All Over :-)

An excerpt:

Fairly small, up on a pole, books inside, and saying, “Take A Book – Leave A Book”.

This phenomenon began in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA and has already spread to Europe and Africa.

From USA Today: “Todd Bol wanted to honor his mother, a former teacher and book lover who died a decade ago. So two years ago, Bol built a miniature model of a library, filled it with books for anyone to take, and placed it outside his home….From that idea, hundreds of similar Little Free Libraries are popping up on lawns across the country. They’re tiny — no bigger than a dollhouse. Some look like miniature homes or barns. Others just look like a box on a post.”

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Journal Sentinel has a lovely photo album of these Little Free Libraries :-)

And, I was happy to see that the Australian group rendered a certain amount of homage to the apparent Founder, Todd Bol


The first link in this post was to the Australian group and this one —> Little Free Library — is the group in the USA. ( I’d love some links from other countries :-)

Yet, even such a wonderful movement, such a community-focused and charitable and humane movement is seeing oppositionThe Danger of Being Neighborly Without a Permit.

An excerpt:

“We’ve constructed communities where one must obtain permission from the state before freely sharing books with one’s neighbors!”

That article is clearly about the United States; yet, I’d love information from readers in other countries about whether Little Free Libraries are being fought

There is a MAP for finding Little Free Libraries, all over the world…

And, I’ll leave you with two videos—one a short summary of the concept of these neighborly libraries; and, one with an eight-year-old (very aware she’ll be on TV) telling you why they’re so cool :-)

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Why We All Need Little Free Libraries, from An Eight-Year-Old . . .

I’ve written about the phenomenon of Little Free Libraries before…

Little Free Libraries

from the Little Free Libraries’ WebSite

It started in the USA and is spreading all over the globe.

Simple concept:

A small box with a door, up on a poll, usually with a roof…

You take a book or leave a book…

Here are the previous posts:

Start Your Own (little) Library . . .

Little Libraries Spreading All Over :-)

Today, I’ll share a video of an intelligent and sassy eight-year-old girl who’s an eloquent spokesperson for Little Free Libraries :-)

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Start Your Own (little) Library . . .

I have a friend in the U.S. state of Wisconsin who had a wonderful surprise while walking in the historic Astor Park area of Green Bay.

Little Free Library

Image from Traverse Area District Library

She kept seeing Little Libraries

The kind where you Take A Book — Leave A Book.

I’m pretty sure my friend tipped me off to this world-wide movement back in 2012 and I wrote the post, Little Libraries Spreading All Over :-)

The idea was started by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks and you can find out all you need to know to build one or buy one or join the movement or just ponder the phenomenon of book sharing that doesn’t use the Internet at the Official Little Free Library Site :-)

And, this map hints at the spread of these little wonders. Little Free Libraries

My friend sent me the following links to show the increased interest in her part of the world:

Reading Efforts Expand Into Parks & Neighborhoods

New Little Free Library – Sunlight Park


Little Free Library

You can see lots of pictures of the creativity and inventiveness that go into these Little Libraries here, here, and here

And, you can do some research about it all Here

Btw, my friend is a writer and you can read her blog :-)

Now, a video…

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