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Music Therapy for Writers

Back in January of 2012, I published a post called Must Writers Suffer Melancholy, Anguish, and Depression?

In that post, I said:

“Being a creative writer seems to me to be one of the weirdest professions on the planet.

“Catering to imaginary characters who may seem more real than the folks next door can bring certain challenges.

“Many writers have faced suffering so debilitating they wanted to die—some have clung to suicide as their only solution

“Does it have to be this way?

“Why would creating stories be so rife with mental and emotional distress?”

I’ll let you click the link to that post to watch the video that answers that last question :-)

But, in case you’re a writer and in case you’re having mental or emotional distress, watch these two videos and call me in the morning :-)


After publishing this post and listening to the videos again, I got to cruising YouTube and re-discovered a video that makes me, this writer, very happy, with, usually, Tears of Joy—and, I don’t even know the “meanings” of the words… But, I get the Meaning:

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An Occasional Thing ~ Music for Writers :-)

Don’t know how often I’ll do this but, every so often, I’ll add a music video post.

Give me some of your favorites in the comments–performer(s) and title, or just the performer(s), or the uTube address. We’ll see if sharing some music can give us a little kick in the creativity :-)

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