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Let’s All Help Independent Authors

There are many posts on this blog about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishingAlliance of Independent Authors

But, you might wonder how independent authors could ever make waves in a world where traditional publishing has such a foothold and most of the money

Ever heard of Change.Org?

Here are a few things that organization has helped to make realities:

NFL drops nonprofit status after major national outcry

Kraft removes controversial “Kids Eat Right” label from packaging

Student freed from Iranian prison after brother’s campaign

Ben & Jerry’s to release non-dairy ice cream in 2016

Well, Change.Org is teaming up with the Alliance of Independent Authors to send a petition to:

* Libraries
* Booksellers Associations of Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Europe, India, UK & USA
* Book Reviewers & Review Outlets
* Literary Organisations
* Literary & Publishing Events Organisers
* Library Associations of Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Europe, India, UK & USA

Here’s what it says:

Open Up To Self-Publishing Indie Authors

“I, and the Alliance of Independent Authors, urge you to find ways to include self-publishing writers as a matter of priority.

“As you know, more and more writers are turning to self-publishing and many such authors are producing work of proven value to readers.

“While recognising that there are challenges in incorporating such writers, it has become a necessity, if book stores, libraries, literary events and reviewers are to be inclusive, and fully serve readers and writers.

“I trust you will give this matter the attention it deserves.”

Here’s a note I received today from the Alliance:

“We’ve passed 1000 signatures on our petition to the books establishment to Open Up To Indie Authors. Our aim is 10,000. Can you help? Please share this on your social media outlets and pass to a friend.”

Find out more about this movement to include Independent Authors’ books where the public can find them.

Sign The Petition

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One Official SLEW of Opinions About Self-Publishing . . .

Back in October of 2013, I published the post “What IS An Indie Author?”.

Defining “Indie Authors” or “Self-Published Authors” is still a work in progress

Yet, that post of mine explores how an innocent comment of mine on Google Plus sparked a vigorous round of discussions at The Alliance of Independent Authors (“Founded in 2012 by author turned indie, Orna Ross, ALLi’s  advisors include Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords; book designer, Joel Friedlander; author gurus Jane Friedman and Joanna Penn; legal eagle David A Vandagriff (Passive Guy); and watchdog Victoria Strauss, among others.”).

Since I’ve featured Mark Coker, Joel Friedlander, and Jane Friedman on this blog many times and since David Vandagriff has featured me on his blog, I strongly suspect ALLi is a decent professional organization.

My small military pension keeps me from joining the Alliance and taking advantage of ALLi’s services

However, there is ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Blog, which is free for the taking :-)

Last week, my email in-box had a message from ALLi with a link to A Year of Opinions about Self-Publishing, with the explanation:

“Once a week, the ALLi blog serves as a soapbox for one of our members to speak out about an aspect of self-publishing that excites or enrages them.The more controversial the post, the better! At least in terms of fuelling debate about issues that are key to the success of us all and of indie authors everywhere. These Opinion pieces often fuel lengthy comment threads, and here are some of those that stirred the greatest response.”

And, for those who don’t want to take that link (or, the link that leads to all of ALLi’s Opinion Pieces), here are those Roaring Opinions :-)

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An Independent Author for Independence Weekend . . .

I live in the United States of America and, according to a friend of mine from the United Kingdom, the July Fourth Weekend is an English celebration of finally getting rid of the Americans :-)

Actually, American “Independence” has mostly deteriorated into an attitude that has insulated the country from sincere Global Participation.

Be that as it may, the author video below will let you listen to an extremely independent writer, Neal Stephenson.

Among his highly acclaimed books is the title, Snow Crash, which some have said was the inspiration for the virtual world, Second Life. I’ve written a number of posts that mention Second Life because I spend at least 20 hours a week there engaging in various forms of writing, reading, and publishing discussions as well as promoting my book

Stephenson also wrote Anathem which most writers should be able to relate to because it portrays a society that walls off certain people and, “…bans them from using or even knowing how to use any technology but paper and pen…”

The video is short but the premise is astounding:

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