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“What IS An Indie Author?”

Yesterday, I published the post, Why Would An Author Want To Be Independent?, which had two videos exploring the benefits of “self-publishing”.

Today, I’ll let you in on something that turned my interest strongly toward an organization mentioned yesterday—The Alliance of Independent Authors—better known as ALLi.

As some of you know, I’ve focused my “social networking” on Google Plus (though I consider this blog to be a social network).

I’d circled ALLi to see their posts and discovered one called What IS An Indie Author <— That link is to the post on G+ –> here’s one to their blog post on the same topic

That blog post listed ALLi’s qualifiers for calling oneself an Indie.

In the G+ post, I made this comment:

“I notice the first ‘definitive’ statement is:
‘You have self-published at least one book.’
What is ALLi’s definition of ‘self-published’?”

Orna Ross, the Founder of ALLi, made this reply:

“Essentially, that the author paid and was the creative director of the book.”

I thanked her, then received this reply:

“You’ve actually sparked an entire debate in the office, Alexander, which led to this: Put The Author At The Centre, Not The Publisher.”

The Comments on that blog post, that my simple question apparently spawned, are interesting and quite varied

I do recommend reading both blog posts on the ALLi site but here’s a bit of that last one:

“Let’s talk terminology — a subject that’s been exercising minds around ALLi Towers of late.  And for the purposes of this post, three particular terms.

“* What to call authors who publish their own work?

“* What to call those who publish the work of others?

“* What to call those who help authors to publish?”

Before the terms for those categories are revealed, an interesting definition of “Publishing” is given.

Then comes their new, defining terminology:

“* An author who publishes his or her own work = Author-Publisher.

“* An individual or company that invests in work they haven’t written themselves with a view to making a profit = Trade-Publisher.

“* An individual/company that provides services — jacket & page design; editorial & proofing; printing & formatting; marketing & promotion for an upfront fee = Author-Service.”

As I said, the Comments on that post are varied

Orna shows great skill in her responses to a few comments that, less wisely handled, could have started a CommentWar :-)

My TakeAway (besides that ALLi is a fine organization) is an acute awareness that my comments, though seemingly neutral, can fuel another’s deep thought
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