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Friday Poll ~ Readers’ & Writers’ Distractions

As always, we lead off with the results from last week’s poll—Are there too many books in the world? 

Readers - Writers Distractions

Image Courtesy of Michael & Christa Richert ~

The top vote went to “No” with 66.7% of the responses.

The “Other”, Fill-in answers were “Hell No” and “Not when you consider the millions of poor who can’t get any books” at 16.7%.

So, “No” was actually 83.4% !

Then came “Yes” and “Maybe” with 8.3% each.

Sure looks like most readers of this blog are  quite happy with billions of books :-)


Now, this week’s poll—What Distracts You from Reading or Writing?

I’ve constructed the poll so you can answer as a reader, or a writer, or both…

I actually did a mini-survey with some readers and writers to come up with the answers you can just tick-off with your vote.

And, of course, there’s the handy “Other” so you can fill in your unique votes.

When you use “Other”, be sure to preface your distraction with “Reader” or “Writer” (or, Both) so I can tally them separately…

Naturally, you can vote for as many choices as you want :-)

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Reading, Writing, Publishing ~ What Are You Interested In?

I’ve been blogging for 3½ years about Reading, Writing, and Publishing.

Reading Writing Publishing Poll

Image Courtesy of Craig Parylo ~


Because bloggers can’t always count on enough comments to make decisions about what their readers want, we often have polls and surveys—hoping to entice folks to provide feedback.


And, because yesterday’s experimental post didn’t draw as many comments as I’d hoped, I’m including a very short and easy survey today.


It’s only up for a week so jump right in;
and, be sure to tell your friends about it.

Multiple Answers Are Welcomed :-)

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An Alien Who Is More Like Us Than We Have Yet Learned To Be…

Yep, this is the Friday post with more Behind The Scenes of the short novel Notes from An Alien

But, first, I need to insert a short advertisement for this blog’s latest survey—do take that link and spend two minutes to share your choices for this blog’s content :-)

So far, the survey has 76 votes and the top desire is to see posts about my writing life

That top choice is bound to change with more votes but I do reveal my writing life by publishing five posts a week here, as well as revealing not-before-published scenes from the novel’s World, Angi, in these Friday posts.

The rest of this post has Major Spoilers so I urge you to grab a Free Copy of Notes from An Alien and take the few days necessary to finish it before reading further—except, of course, those of you who have already experienced the book :-)

In the past post, I Get Interviewed On BlogTalkRadio :-), one of the commenters said, “I wanted to hold you towards writing about the third planet in your book on your Friday posts—the one which could model earth.”

Actually, what I said in the interview indicated that the Worlds of Anga and Anla are “like” Earth, then I mentioned that the third World, Angla, is like what Earth “could be”

Totally Major Spoiler Alert!

The being who inhabits Angla is the Alien Among Aliens—she is the planet’s consciousness

The following scenes oscillate between a narrative that begins in the novel’s time-frame, extending beyond its ending, and the italicized thoughts of the being, Anglana


The Mother’s purple glow reflected in the waves near the shore, blending with the internal colors of Anglana’s thoughts.

Mind of the planet—Planet of mind—she meditated

I am incorporated into the one called Delva.

Her thoughts are crystalline—clear as the emanations from the Plasma Source.

She will be enfolded into Your Will, Lord of Time

Though she will never acknowledge Your Sovereignty, she will act for You.

The people from the Worlds of Anga and Anla arrived in their numbers. Anglana meditated with them

They feel I have no access to their thoughts without their incorporation.

They are far too young to understand

I am now One with twenty of their number—we are progressing

The Worlds’ Council had no access to administration on the planet without Anglana’s consent. She was not proactive yet set boundaries on their intentions.

The Created Worlds are being built—I bask in Akla’s Pleasure

The Plasma flows are reaching equilibrium and my soul is rejoicing!

Our thoughts will live in the Plasma—become the New History of the Angi System—so many cycles past So many cycles to come

The Created Worlds were in full operation. The Worlds’ government had attained its first stability, though trials remained.

Lord Akla, I weary with their woes—pour Your Grace into my being—create me anew—bless their struggles to understand

They contemplate sending their ships to other planets.

The one called Sena is leading the Way for them—becoming the means for my future intimate connection with this Galaxy—fulfilling Your Intentions

The Worlds’ Council ordered the Other Worlds Project to cease operation—interplanetary ships transformed into research bases. Means were adopted to permit Anglana to act as Angi’s Supreme Mediator. Five additional Created Worlds were constructed—dedicated to interaction with the nineteen planetary systems in contact with Advanced Plasma Communicators.

I am One with the planet called Earth, as well as the planets Zongru, Butali, Wessur, and Fptln. The others will soon join our Host

We are rejoicing!

The Light is Splendorous.

Thy Will be done

Earth and the planets of Angi now share administrative protocols—the Conscious-Settlement of the Milky Way is proceeding
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What You Want To See On This Blog . . .

I thought it was time to reveal detailed results from the on-going Poll for What You Want To See on this blog.

If you haven’t yet registered your picks, just take this link and let me know what YOU want :-)

What Do You Want Most?

Answer Votes Percent  
Art of Writing 12 26%  
Writing Craft 7 15%  
Writing Tips 6 13%  
Reading Lists 4 9%  
Publishing Information 4 9%  
Publishing News 4 9%  
Other Answers… 4 9%  
Publishing Comparisons 3 6%  
Reading Tips 2 4%  
Reading Aids 1 2%  
Other Answers (your unique ideas)
Alex Zoltai’s philosophy. 1
videos about creative practice 1
poetry 1
news about other lit blogs similar to yours 1

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