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Are You A BestsellerBound Author?

I suppose “most” authors want to have bestsellers—some for the money they bring, some for the readership they gain, some for both

Some day, I may do a post here about what it takes to have a bestseller——then again, there are so many unknowns involved

Anyway, you may have noticed that the title of this post has the single word “BestsellerBound”

The reason it’s lacking a space is because of a post I did about a Wonderful  WebSite—BestsellerBound Forums ~ Your One-Stop Place To Connect :-)

The first sentence of that post was, “Because of the very special nature of BestsellerBound, this post is for Readers, Writers, and Publishers.” [ There are 53 separate forums at BestsellerBound!! ]

I’ve also done author interviews with the three resident writers at the forum: Darcia Helle, Maria Savva, and Stacy Juba.

News Flash >>> BestsellerBound Forums Has Spun-off The BestsellerBound Recommends Blog !

Why follow a Forum with a Blog? Here’s what they say:

“1. To showcase the countless indie books and authors available. The ease of e-book publishing has flooded the market with books – both good and bad. Coming across any one book now becomes something like finding that elusive needle in a haystack. But some of those needles in this giant haystack are really polished gems. Bestseller Bound Recommends exists to help readers connect with the indie world, and to help them find the gems they’re looking for.

“2. To give indie authors a place to gather, to show off, and to connect both with other authors and the readers we all cherish. Indie authors can find the blog’s submission guidelines here.”

Also, there’s the BestsellerBound Recommends Holiday Shopping Guide ! — Installment One & Installment Two :-)
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“Writing Is Like . . .” << This Is A Meme-Challenge

Darcia Helle, author and founder of the very cool forums at BestsellerBound, has thrown me a challenge.

Before I attempt to answer it, I encourage you to go read what she wrote to complete, “Writing is like…”. Here’s what I have to say in response to the challenge:

Writing is like dating a metaphysical goddess !!

It was only four days ago I wrote, When The Muse Speaks . . ., then, yesterday, Darcia challenged me to complete the prompt, Writing is like…”. I take the near appearance of those two events as an instance of synchronicity; and, the metaphysical goddess that my muse is certainly knows how to operate through synchronicity…

The process of writing a book, for me, begins with my muse asking me out on a date. The “asking me out” is her way of slipping me an idea she wants me to develop into a book length piece of writing.

When it comes to this blog, I usually do the asking out.

This post, however, had Darcia unwittingly invoking my muse’s ability to use events I’m not directly involved with to bring me a chance to interact with the wider writers’ community.

In that post I linked to up there, When The Muse Speaks…, I give some information about how I formed a deep and entitized relationship with my muse–she is extremely real to me and has been since my twenties.

We are, in fact, married and, yes, we still go out on dates :-)

Of course she’s metaphysical because she’s an intimate part of my mind; yet, she has her autonomy–oh, my, yes she has her own independent way of living!

There are times I call her and she’s nowhere to be seen. There are times I’d rather use my own little ego-mind and she cuddles up and insists we work together.

She’s a goddess because she has creative power and she knows more about morality and proper behavior than I could master on my own.

One thing though: she guides my conscious mind when I write–I don’t feel like I’m sitting here taking dictation–I feel like I’m just me intending to purposefully convey what I think.

One thing more: All my writing may resemble what I thought I’d decided to put down but resemblance is not the same as identity–all my writing surprises me

My muse may not seem to be there telling me what to write but she’s always “there”, even when I don’t see her and she won’t talk to me and I can’t catch a whiff of her fragrance.

She’s my wife and she’s trained me well :-)
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The Writer & Controversy . . .

I’ve many times directed my readers’ attention to BestsellerBound Forums. Just click on it in the Top Tags cloud in the right side-bar to check out past posts

A recent thread at BsB is called, Controversy: Avoid it or Embrace It?, and I strongly encourage you to read the many and varied responses from authors, readers, and publishers.

My latest book, Notes from An Alien, is full of issues that regularly cause controversy in human conversations. However, one of the authors at BsB said: “He does not shy away from controversy, though he also does not blatantly call one side right or wrong. He holds up the mirror and allows us to see for ourselves. Not all of us will see the same reflection.”

It was gratifying to read that from another author since I worked hard to bring many issues, that usually spark contention, to the reader’s attention without stirring unnecessary resistance.

My book is about a civilization that grows from devastating greed and war to an enduring peace. My goal was to show a possible set of paths that might be followed, not prescribe some dogmatic master plan.

There are many folk who, even at the bare mention of global peace, will immediately begin a rant about how humans are inherently war-like and peace is impossible. There are also many folk who, whether you want them to or not, will regale you with a litany of rose-colored slogans about peace that have not an ounce of practical worth.

In my opinion, too many people are sitting on the fence between these opposing views. Perhaps the fine edge of that fence can be transformed into a platform for rational effort, inspired will, and heart-felt service which can lead our battered globe toward a vision that has refused, through many epochs of human history, to die…

What are your thoughts and feelings on the possibility of global peace?

Before you leave your feedback in the comments, read this excerpt from The Promised Day Is Come by Shoghí Effendí Rabbání:

“The tumult of this age of transition is characteristic of the impetuosity and irrational instincts of youth, its follies, its prodigality, its pride, its self-assurance, its rebelliousness, and contempt of discipline.

“The ages of its infancy and childhood are past, never again to return, while the Great Age, the consummation of all ages, which must signalize the coming of age of the entire human race, is yet to come. The convulsions of this transitional and most turbulent period in the annals of humanity are the essential prerequisites, and herald the inevitable approach, of that Age of Ages, ‘the time of the end’, in which the folly and tumult of strife that has, since the dawn of history, blackened the annals of mankind, will have been finally transmuted into the wisdom and the tranquility of an undisturbed, a universal, and lasting peace, in which the discord and separation of the children of men will have given way to the worldwide reconciliation, and the complete unification of the divers elements that constitute human society.

“This will indeed be the fitting climax of that process of integration which, starting with the family, the smallest unit in the scale of human organization, must, after having called successively into being the tribe, the city-state, and the nation, continue to operate until it culminates in the unification of the whole world, the final object and the crowning glory of human evolution on this planet. It is this stage which humanity, willingly or unwillingly, is resistlessly approaching. It is for this stage that this vast, this fiery ordeal which humanity is experiencing is mysteriously paving the way.”
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Readers’ Reprise

This blog’s subtitle is “Reading, Writing, and Publishing”.

And, even though the most recent results of our Survey show Reading with only 6.25% of the vote for topics on this blog, I thought it was time for, at least, a short recap of some of the things said here about Reading and Readers.

The post, Book Bloggers ~ Just for The Love of It :-), has this quote:

““Book bloggers love to read books and to recommend them to their own followers. There are scores of avid bloggers in every genre, out there reviewing thousands of books and interviewing hundreds of authors every year. They do this for pleasure, and are a very diverse crowd…”

It also has links to places to find Book Bloggers.

The post, BestsellerBound Forums ~ Your One-Stop Place To Connect :-), has this quote:

““BestsellerBound is a place for independent authors to connect with readers….Readers, this is a place to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be a working author and to support them on their path to literary success….”

One of my comments on the site said, “There are 53 separate forums at BestsellerBound….for all the major genres; forums about social networking, and many problem-solving forums.”

The post, What Kind of Feedback Do Writers Need? What Helps Them Most?, begins with a bit of out-of-date info on how to get your name and bio in my book. Well, the book is already published :-) But there’s also a discussion on what writers need from readers and what readers can learn about what they have to offer writers. There’s also a great list of quotes about “criticism”.

In the post, Do You Write For The Reader or Should You Write For Yourself?, I do a bit of exploration of what I call the Meta-Reader–the reader inside the author

I will write more posts about Reading and Readers but I thought I’d let new folks discover these four posts and, hopefully, have a few regulars re-discover them :-)
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Alien’s Book Receives Second Review…

Darcia Helle from BestsellerBound has reviewed Notes from An Alien on GoodReads :-)
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