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This Really Is A “Reblog” . . .

Free online courses

It’s just not a “normal” re-blog…

If you take the link below, you’ll find…

1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

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More Help for Researching Writers

Writers are known for going out of their way to find the information they need for their stories.

Back in July, the post Research Resources for Writers referenced The New York Times’ article, Open Education for a Global Economy, which links to ALISON—Free Online Courses and Certification.

So, a writer could go out of their way to ALISON or a number of other resources mentioned in the article.

One of them which I didn’t link to in the other post was brought to my attention this morning in an email from my Best Friend.

Khan Academy—“learn almost anything for free—with a library of over 3,400 videos…we’re on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.”

Their main categories of learning are Math, Science, Computer Science, Finance & Economics, Humanities, and Test Prep.

Salman Khan, the originator of the Academy gives an entertaining account of how it came into being in this video :-)

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Research Resources for Writers

writers research resources A short post today with a big payout :-)

All writers do research, even if only the kind that has them searching their own imaginations.

Some writers take university courses.

The New York Times has an article called Open Education for a Global Economy.

It links to many research resources but focuses on ALISON—Free Online Courses and Certification.

From the article:

“It offers some 400 vocational courses at “certificate level” (1 to 2 hours of study) or ‘diploma level’ (about 9 to 11 hours of study) and plans to add 600 more in the coming year. Its most popular course, ABC IT, is a 15- to 20-hour training suite that covers similar ground to the widely recognized International Computer Driving License curriculum. (ALISON’s certification is free; ICDL certification can cost over $500). Other popular offerings are project management, accounting, customer service, human resources, Microsoft Excel, health studies, basic study skills, operations management and psychology.”

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a link to all of ALISON’s free courses.
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