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Writing Blogs That Are about More Than Just The Writing

Back on the 9th of January, I published a post called Fuel for Writers.

It had 11 sites that could supply an endless number of writing prompts…

But, what about once you’re in the heat of the writing or when you’re preparing to publish or needing to promote?

One place to visit would be Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity

Here are just a few categories of their helpful resources:


Calls for Submissions

Paying Markets

Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts

Agents Seeking Clients

There’s lots more to explore over on Publishing … and Other Forms of Insanity :-)

And, if you haven’t yet got the heat turned up on the writing part (and, for help with sundry other writerly topics…), check out these 13 Top Creative Writing Blogs That Are Actually Helpful:

Copyblogger ***
The Creative Penn
Goins, Writer ***
Terrible Minds
Jane Friedman ***
Daily Writing Tips
Helping Writers Become Authors
The Write Life ***
Better Novel Project
Writer’s Digest
The Book Designer ***
Lauren Sapala ***


The sites with *** after the name are ones that I find particularly valuable

And, a Wonderful Bonus Site that anyone associated with any phase of writing should explore (even if you’re not writing a novel…):

Roz Morris’ Nail Your Novel

“Writing, publishing and self-publishing advice from a bestselling ghostwriter and book doctor”

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4 Very Different Language Sites

I’m preparing to write a short story collection that’s a companion book to the novel I published last year.

It’s a much greater challenge than the novel—word research has become my passion Again

I’ve always been fascinated with words and I’ve admitted here, more than once, that my favorite word is “Word”.

I recently spent $70 on two yearly subscriptions—one for Oxford Dictionaries, one for The Visual Thesaurus.

A recent post called The Importance of Words ~ What’s Your Take? will point you toward the free blog from Oxford Dictionaries—very cool posts :-)

And, you can take a brief free spin on Visual Thesaurus with that link two sentences ago

The executive producer of Visual Thesaurus is just one of 22 contributing writers at a blog called Language Log.

To catch the quirky flavor of that blog, read their About Page :-)

If grammar is what you crave, try the unique blogs from English Editors.

And, though it has a bit of a British lean to it, World Wide Words is worth reading.

Here’s a bit of About from WWW:

“The English language is forever changing. New words appear; old ones fall out of use or change their meanings. World Wide Words tries to record at least some part of this shifting wordscape by featuring new words, word histories, the background to words in the news, and the curiosities of native English speech.”

Hope you check those sites out

Hope you share in the comments :-)
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Writer’s Communities ~ What Are Your Favorites?

There are So Many Writing Communities on the ‘Net!

And, even though it may be better to be involved face-to-face with other writers, there can certainly be no excuse for not being able to find other writers to talk to (as long as your Internet connection is functioning).

If you’ve tried a few communities and found them wanting, there are many more and I hope this post and the Comments from readers can lead to just the right one for you :-)

In the Comments of the previous post, Choosing To Self-Publish ~ Lots of Help . . ., Simone Benedict (one of the most loyal readers of this blog) asked for recommendations of online writing groups.

First, I hope you’ll give your favorites in the Comments of this post as well as letting us know about places that might not be the best to hang-out in

Now, let me link to a few communities recommended by author Jane Watson:

Literature and Latte, which has general writing forums plus others that dig into the features and benefits of the popular writing software, Scrivener.

Next are places Jane recommended but I can’t personally vouch for—which I’ll include because my intuition told me to…:

And, a last minute, edited-in recommendation from Jane Watson: The Writer’s Chatroom.

Plus, one more from me:

15 of the Best Online Writing Communities for Aspiring Authors

Do, please, add your favorites in our Comments!

And, also, give us any warnings-away you feel are necessary
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