Notes from An Alien

~ Explorations In Reading, Writing & Publishing ~

Story Bazaar



Lost Birthright

A Witchy Brew

Home, Sweet Home

The Loser

The Invention


The Man with the Sensitive Nose

The Wish

Peace, at All Costs

My Pet SunDogs

The Woman of His Dreams

Give Me a Break!

Three Priors

I Can’t Hear You

If I Didn’t Know Now What I Knew Then

Is The World Full?


Can It Be Stopped?

Cold Hope

Who Is The Victim?

Trial by Water

“The Story Is All Muddle”

The Inside Is Outside


Please, Just Help Me Help Myself

Politically Correct


The Creator and The Destroyer

Can I Give Up Now?

You Must Think I’m Going Crazy

All The Tough Questions

My Worldly Education

The Curse of Morality

Blinded by the Light

Such a Lovely Revolution

A Higher Calling

“Alternative Facts”

What Is Youth?

What’s the Value of Truth?

Whose Dreamscape Is This?

What Grandfather Said, Just before He Died…


Where Is The Center?

The Throbbing Heart

Who’s Your Guru?


Who Are We?

The Goal

Love and Unity


Story as Seed

What is Reality?

For the Children

Break Free…

Why Don’t You Just Get A Life?

Who’s In Charge Here?

And Who Shall Train the Little Ones?

What Is Fiction?

The Road…

“It’s all that really matters…”

“So… What if there’s a life after this one on Earth?”

“And Now, the News from Hell…”

A Very Sad (?) Tale…

What’s Your Problem?

When Will It Stop?

The Light Within the Darkness


Drug Chronicle ~ One Hell of a Disgusting Tale

CyberWar Updates

Guilt and Innocence

Who Am I?

The Do-Gooder


Recreating Life

At What Price?

This World Is Way Bigger Than I’d Ever Imagined

True Believer

Personal Diary of a Lunatic

Strength of Heart

You Mean Guns Don’t Kill People…?


Falsehood and Truth

When the Kids Take Over . . .



But, We Thought…

Reflections on Truth

But, What If the System Is Completely Broken?

What’s the Use?

“Break it to change it…” ~ an Evolutionary Tale

Seeing Is Believing

False Friends

War Is Idiotic?

Racism Is Gone?

“You Really Think Humanity Has a Future?”

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