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10 of Literature’s Most Evil Corporations

There’s nothing inherently evil in the basic structure of a corporation.

It’s just a particular type of business organization that’s been too frequently co-opted by folks who just can’t seem to care about their fellow humans

So, it’s no wonder that novelists have crafted some remarkably evil corporations.

I’m fairly sure I don’t need to educate anyone on the ever-present dangers we all face, daily, from real-life corporations.

Yet, I wonder how many of you realize that certain corporations are quite near to completely ruling our world?

I’ll begin the list of 10 literary corporations with FlavorWire‘s, 7 Chillingly Evil Corporations in Literature:

Rachel Cantor’s A Highly Unlikely Scenario — a future where fast food corporations run the world

Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park — a corporation that creates horrifically dangerous beasts

Don DeLillo’s White Noise — a pharmaceutical company that has a pill that makes people lose their fear of death

Any corporation — in any William Gibson book ( making the count more than 10 :-)

Frank Herbert’s Dune — one entity controling the economy of the entire cosmos

Steven King’s Dark Tower series — corporations that produce weapons and/or robots

Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 — corporations that handle defense contracting

Numbers 8 and 9, which I’m rather surprised FlavorWire didn’t mention, are both in David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas — one foisting flawed nuclear plants and another that clones slaves.

The 10th corporation is in my own short novel (though my co-author claims it’s not a novel ), Notes from An Alien, which you can have Free

My corporation is so evil I couldn’t stop writing about it after my novel was finished.

In my special series of posts, Behind The Scenes, where I’ve added material not in the published novel, many of the 38 posts are about various aspects of that astonishingly evil corporate planet.

So, if you know of any other evil corporations from books you’ve read, please share in the Comments
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More Writing Resources Than You’ll Ever Need Plus One Huge Tip

I’ve been writing “on-purpose” for about 20 years—didn’t begin serious writing till I was 42.

I feel there are many serious readers (those who “work” at reading, not the folks who use books “only” to “escape”) and many serious readers should consider being writers.

If you haven’t yet developed your writing-soul to the point where you Have to write, you may need to read more about writing…

But, if you read enough and have an intelligent and compassionate editor, you just might be able to avoid consulting long lists of writing resources.

Listen to Steven King in this short video—it just may be the most important thing you’ve ever heard about writing

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When Is A Manuscript FINAL ?

Last month, I’d finally reached the stage in the process of my book where I could say I had a final manuscript.

Last week, I decided I needed a final read-through, just in case. I’ve read through thirteen chapters so far and have about as many places where I’ll be making small adjustments in words and phrases

I actually had another reason for the read-through. I’ve mentioned before my involvement in the virtual word, Second Life. << That link was stolen from the handy Top Tags Cloud in the right side-bar of this blog. Great way to find topics of interest :-)

I’d been reading a chapter each week to folks from all over the world but there weren’t an infinite number of chapters–I needed a new format for the Thursday event and that format had been decided way back when the book was in its infant-outline form.

Beginning next week, I’ll be leading discussions about various issues that are dealt with in the book and the final read-through was to compile an index, by chapter occurrence, of the main issues the book deals with. I’m pretty sure I’ll really have a Real Final manuscript by the time those discussions start :-)

When I created the book’s web site, I made sure there was a forum built-in for discussing the characters and ideas of the book as well as soliciting story ideas for the book’s sequel. I haven’t yet done much publicizing of the forum but as the book’s launch date approaches (May 16th) the forum and the discussions in Second Life will be getting more attention and they’ll also be interacting with each other.

So, there are some very practical reasons this last read-through must really be the last, why the book must reach its final form, even though, down the road, I might wish I’d made a few more changes

Steven King is reported to have said that he doesn’t look at published copies of his books because he doesn’t want to deal with the wishing-I-could-have-changed-that syndrome.

Of course, since I’m self-publishing Notes from An Alien, I could send an altered manuscript to FastPencil and create a new edition.

Actually, I pray I never feel like I want to do that :-)

I’d love to hear any other writers’ comments about reaching the Final Manuscript………

I’d also like to see any comments or questions about the final revision process in a book’s life :-)
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