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“Changing the World, One Wall at a Time”

Education Is #NotACrime There is an Endeavor that offers education to folks in Iran who are not permitted to attend college—they are Bahá’ís and it is their religion that the government hates, their religion which draws massive persecution to some of the most peaceful folks on our planet…

The Endeavor is Education is #NotACrime and it promotes the Bahá’í Institute for Higher Education, which offers Internet courses and college credit to folks who are kept out of their country’s schools…

#NotACrime has spawned a worldwide effort facilitating artists in their creation of murals expressing the importance of higher education.

I’m going to add a trailer for a movie that was produced to spread awareness of this Endeavor; and, if you wonder why I’m sharing this in a blog about Reading, Writing, and Publishing, all I can say is, those three activities of life are only possible with Education…

The full movie is available for Internet viewing; and, I urge everyone reading these words to go watch it —> Changing the World, One Wall at a Time (if the movie suddenly pauses, just click the play button quickly off and back on…)

And, here is the Trailer:

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The Daughter of My Co-Author Has Her Say . . .

This is the next to last of the series of posts called Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

The short novel, Notes from An Alien, has its last chapter written by the daughter of the co-author of the book—that co-author being Sena Quaren, who is also a character in the novel ( yes, writers can bend the normal restraints of truth :-) 

This next to last part of Behind The Scenes is also by my co-author’s daughter.

And, the tale following this post has my co-author’s daughter visiting Earth :-)


My name is Ararura Quaren.

Alexander Zoltai and I have been in Plasma Communication for many months, consulting on supplementary additions to the book, Notes from An Alien, which he wrote with the aid of my mother, Sena.

My mother is still pursuing reclusive activities—recharging her psychological reserves for an eventual re-emergence into the social life of our Worlds.

The tales Alexander and I wrote—Behind The Scenes—are a bit of spice and tang for the book penned by him and my mother—a novel for readers on Earth, a family history for we of Angi

My mother gave me the honor of writing the last chapter of Notes from An Alien and Alexander has permitted my voice to be heard again in these companion pieces.

I spoke directly to you of Earth before and I am again—going further in my cautionary prescriptions for a way out of Earth’s trials and turbulence.

There will be more suffering on Earth, due to the crumbling of outmoded ideas and social structures; yet, while the old decays and thrashes, the new is rising up—a way of living that is more spiritual and also more rational.

The major corporations of Earth are attempting a bold and irrational plan to take complete command of the tottering governments.

Most of the religious institutions are wallowing in swamps of fantasy.

To be absolutely clear—corporations of integrity still exist and there are people of Faith who live lives of true service.

Just as Angi was revolutionized by the Appearance of the Prophets Sesuna and Akla, Earth has its future being leavened by the Teachings of a pair of Prophets Who appeared in your nineteenth century.

I leave it to your sincerity of investigation of Truth to learn of these Prophets

There are those, on Angi and Earth, who never become members of a religion yet are honest enough to accept Teachings from Prophets that are sound and practical.

The governmental structure which allowed Angi to attain a political Worlds’ peace was from the Teachings of Akla; yet, most of the members of the Worlds’ Council never aligned in membership with the Aklan Faith.

The future glory of a complete and permanently secure Worlds’ peace—one which embraces all and is maintained by all—is now being built.

Built one heart and mind at a time—spread by those of good will to those still shattered by our past

Now, I would like to share some advice, gained through my experience here, to those of you on Earth who doubt your World could ever have lasting peace.

Let me first make clear that Unity is not Conformity—one can be unified with others while not conforming to particulars of belief.

The key to this unity is sharing a higher purpose.

Also, it needs to be made clear that unity precedes peace.

Those who feel that some miraculous appearance of peace will lead to unity are sadly lacking in clear perception.

How can two people—let alone a whole World—be at peace unless they share a basic, unifying purpose?

So, the hard work is finding a unifying purpose; and, I can do no better in helping you find one than referring you to the Teachings of the Prophets—not the beliefs of the followers of those Prophets, who too often warp the pure Advice to fit their preconceived notions of truth.

For those living their lives in the half-light of their conscious ego-mind, the wider Truths will always be over the rainbow

And, it is possible to reach the shore of this Ocean of Truth, where you may linger for the rest of your life and only wet your feet, without exerting the strain of studying the Prophets.

This shore-bound search will at least help cleanse enough of yourself to walk a truer Path toward Unity.

There is a simple way to prove this:

Talk to an author you respect who has written what you on Earth call “literary fiction”.

Ask them if their creations came from their ego-mind.

Ask a few of them since there are those who lie about their talents

You will find that these creators have relied on a wider consciousness—some call it the Muse—and they will tell you they have trouble believing they actually wrote their books.

What is this wider consciousness?

How can it be tapped?

Again, speak to your writers of integrity

So, if you follow my advice, you will find people on Earth who function at a higher level than the mundane—who rely on more than their every-day minds.

They are tapping into wider Truths and large groups of people can find resonance with their stories—a form of literary unity.

Naturally, this process of gaining awareness of larger circles of unity can be continued into other fields of Earthly endeavor—even into the realm of the honest scientists, who have the ability of sensing a unity with the most honest people of Faith

Refer to the lives of my ancestors—a number of whom married and remained devoted to a spouse with different beliefs—found a unity of thought and feeling beyond their personal rules for living—forged a partnership that permitted both to expand their perceptual and heart-felt horizons.

This is the path we of Angi are on—forging relationships based on wider unities.

The peoples of Earth will first have to suffer enough, daily interactions will have to unravel enough, for the Leaders to agree on a political World’s peace.

Even during a time of mundane suffering, as the peoples of Angi can attest, it is possible to maintain a vision of peace that soothes the heart and empowers the mind.

I pray the Day of Truth will soon become a Reality for you, so the Leaders and the People can work together to establish a permanent and glorious Peace on Earth
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How In The World Can Religion Be Rational?

Friday again. Time for another in the continuing series of Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

If you haven’t read it, you can grab a free copy of my short novel and more than likely finish it over a weekend.

The prime reason to read it before you jump into these Friday posts is the presence of Spoilers :-)

— — —

There are three main, inhabited Worlds in the story: Anga, Anla, and Angla.

Anga was the Corporate World, Anla the Religious World, and Angla the World that resolved the Conflict

Once a semblance of political peace was established amongst the Worlds, the Angi System embarked on a building project—creating six manufactured Worlds—domains of Research, Exploration, Service, and Commerce.

Today’s Behind The Scenes peers into two folks’ visits to those Worlds—visiting their relationship as well


They were approaching the first Created World. The woman was from Anla, the man from Anga.

Their small light-sail ship began decelerating as the woman broke her awed silence:

“So large, so imposing Alphra, what’s the readout on surface temperature?”

“15,000 degrees.”

“Looks so cool with its blue shimmer—deadly, eh?”

“Well, Sheln, only if we break docking protocol and land on the surface.”

Sheln chuckled out: “We won’t do that then.”

They guided the ship through the docking portal and brought it to relative-stop. The magnetic grapples silently captured them. Plasma shields were deactivated, internal systems linked to the Created World’s, shut-down procedures completed before they spoke again.

“Let’s review our orders for the visit, Alphra.”


“Can’t be too careful—don’t want to upset these Worlders.”

“I think they’d be hard to upset if we act with proper courtesy?”

“You and your courtesy

“You and your rule-worship

They shared a warm laugh.

After a brief review of their orders from the Worlds’ Council, Sheln and Alphra debarked into the reception area of the Agricultural Created World. Clear orders—visit the various regions, chat-up the supervisors, query the workers, meet with the recently elected Territorial representatives to Worlds’ Council Convention, brief them on protocols.

The Agricultural World was a prime location in the regenerating Angi System—much land on Anga and Anla still not ready for crop growth. The representatives from this World would be considered more influential at the Worlds’ Council election then they actually were.

Alphra and Sheln’s prime task was to impress the representatives with the need for a lack of persuasion activity during the election proceedings.

“We must ram it home to them, Alphra.”

“Sheln, I think if I’d told you we were absolutely forbidden to land on the surface of this World, you’d entertain the idea with more desire?”


“Try this analogy—tell a child they must never step over a line in the dirt

“Alphra, we’re dealing with adults here.”

“Sheln, most Angians still have adult bodies with adolescent cravings.”

They’d had this discussion before but with more subtle distinctions.

“Well, you reveal your true colors, eh? You think we’re all children and you’re the wise religious man.”

“Sheln, you know I’m not here trying to preach religion. I just stated what I consider an obvious observation

“I don’t see how in the Worlds you can separate your religion from your duties?”

“You don’t believe what I’ve told you?”

“More like find it extremely improbable

“Did you ever visit the Unholy Lands?”

“Never wanted to.”

“Were your parents religious?”

“They belonged, didn’t practice.”

“Perhaps that’s the difference then—we Aklans work hard to practice our Faith in all our activities—still, we’re applying principles that include others, bring people together on common ground

“How can you say your not here because of your religion, then?”

“Well, first because the Worlds’ Council issued a request for my presence. When I said I’m not trying to preach I didn’t mean I’m suddenly not practicing my Faith.”

“Why not just be your kind, courteous self and drop the act?”

Alphra was silent—nearly brooding.

Sheln fiddled with the audio pickup on her Comm tablet.

“Sheln It’s not an act I worry I’ve harmed our association

“Gods! You’re so damned sensitive!”


Mutual engulfing silence

“Sheln, I asked about the Unholy Lands because the Aklans there had the benefit of the Prophet’s Presence to give them strength in their moral struggles. On Anga, I had the influence, all through my youth, of the corporate culture and its materialistic drives. Just because the Corporation itself was gone didn’t mean its effects had vanished. I had a hell of a time facing up to my inner demons, purging myself of actions and motivations I’d absorbed before I could even think about them.”

“Why does life have to be a struggle?”

“I think I have to leave it up to you to answer that one, Sheln

“We’re behind schedule Discuss this later?”


They continued on their appointed rounds, wrapped up their visit to the Agricultural World, visited the Created Worlds devoted to Art, Pure Research, Applied Technology, and General Exploration and Learning—not returning to their discussion of religion.

They approached the Created World for Cultural and Spiritual Advancement, entered the docking portal, and secured their ship.

“Alphra, can we talk before we egress?”


“I’m sorry I got on you so much back there

Alphra smiled, said: “So, why is life such a struggle?”

“You know, for a religious man, you sure can reach right in and hit home.”

“Sheln, we’ve been months out here. Plenty of time to get to know you.”

“I always thought religious people were shallow irrational



“Too bad you never got to the Unholy Lands.”

“You know, they don’t call them that anymore.”

“Yes, I’ve only really known about them from the stories of Akla and the early colonies—called Aklana now

“Yes. Maybe I’ll visit when I get back

“Maybe you’d let me accompany you?”


Glowing silence

“Alphra You reached right inside me found my soft spot

“Denying life’s a struggle?”

“Covering it up. Staying busy with learning and action. Never slowing down enough to see how hard it all was

“Avoiding the tough questions?”


A voice interrupted them:

“This is Beru Faz, Administrator for this Created World. Is there a problem?”

Sheln answered: “Nothing we can’t resolve later, Administrator. We’re debarking now.”


Sheln and Alphra did visit Aklana together.

Married near the place of Akla’s physical death.

Sheln never became an Aklan.

Alphra never ceased in his loving devotion to her happiness
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The Earliest Days of A World Government

Friday again—Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien again :-)

And, again, I encourage you to ask Any questions about the book in the Comments of Any of these Friday posts.

But what if you’ve never read the book? —> Grab a Free Copy :-)

Some folks may feel today’s post has spoilers because I’m writing a scene that reveals something from the book.

But the back cover of the novel says you can expect these people to have a Worlds’ Government—no spoiler—just a featured attraction :-)

Last Friday I wrote the post Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

In the new scenes in that post (not in the published edition) I hinted at the possibility that there could be a Worlds’ Government that wasn’t a dictatorship—the book itself gives further evidence for that claim

If you haven’t read the book yet, today’s post may give you reason to get a copy.

Do understand, these people are trying to get over 500 years of war between two planets—one totally Corporate and one totally Religious

Today I’ll write a new scene, again not in the published edition, giving a glimpse of the first meeting of the first Convocation of the Worlds’ Government of the Angi System.

[ EDIT: for a detailed description of the building in this scene, please refer to a comment made on this post :-) ]


They sat in the newly constructed building, each one honored to be here, each one anxious of heart, each one sober and alert.

The nine members knew their agenda—explore and decide upon the implementation and necessary procedural actions of the last five propositions agreed upon by the Worlds’ Leadership Councils:

5. The Worlds’ Council will determine the permanent boundaries of each territory of both Worlds.

6. The Worlds’ Council will determine all trade and commerce regulations of both Worlds.

7. The Worlds’ Council will enact any Worlds’ Laws deemed important to maintain Worlds’ Peace.

8. The Worlds’ Council will be the Court of Last Resort for all Worlds’ disagreements.

9. The Worlds’ Council will develop a Worlds’ Protective Force to enforce its mandates.

This would be the first of nineteen scheduled meetings of the First Convocation of The Worlds’ Council of Angi.

This would be a trial by fire of all nine members.

Their audience was composed of every member of each Leadership Council able to attend—twenty-four in a hall designed for 1,000—an ominously silent audience.

There would be recordings of the meetings—the Worlds’ peoples would know what happened.

That larger, delayed audience’s spirit was in the hall.

Member Solvien, elected Chair, brought the meeting to order. His words were living history:

“Leadership Council Members and fellow Members of the Worlds’ Council of Angi, we few people gather to make decisions of awesome potentiality—decisions that will form the fabric of society for the war-torn Worlds of Anga and Anla—a fabric that will undoubtedly be legislatively rewoven as time advances. I propose the first decision to be made is whether we allow spoken commentary from Leadership Council members before each vote of the Worlds’ Council.”

There was no need to call a vote. Nearly unanimously, the other eight Members said, “Agreed.”.

The Leadership Councils were to be dissolved when arrangements for election of Local, Regional, and Territorial Councils was in place and the Members of the Worlds’ Council needed the input and cooperation of the Leadership Councils’ Members—their on-the-ground experience and their ability to broadcast the desired spirit of fairness and justice to the peoples of the Worlds.

Member Solvien continued:

“We have eighteen more meetings in this convocation to deal with the propositions from the Leadership Councils.

“We are all familiar, deep in our hearts, with the condition of our peoples—a condition that we must honor and attend to—shattered lives, strangled dreams, and anxious hopes

“Shall we agree to loosen the sense of official protocol and devote our time in this first meeting to an exploration of the crying needs of the people—devote the power we’ve been given to attune ourselves to the spirit of the Worlds’—the immense potential of our broken people?”

Again, no vote called—again, simultaneously, “Agreed!”.

500 years of anguish and death haunted the gathering—a future of peace and tranquility was the goal—each attendee would later relate the sense of an almost spiritual compassion that overtook them.


Marfe and Jonma sat in the cafe sipping their drinks.

Both had been active in helping with all the mundane necessities of seeing to the practical needs of the people in the Worlds’ Council chambers.

Both were exceedingly exhausted.

They had been the creators of a slogan that spread to every city, village, and hamlet of the Worlds:

“War is Hell. Peace is Unnerving.”
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Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

Here we are at Friday again with another Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien post.

The book is still for sale and still free —> Grab a copy :-)

That last link will also lead you to a Preview of the book and some Reviews.

Also, please don’t forget you can ask Any questions about the book in the Comments of Any of these Friday posts

Today’s post does constitute a Spoiler but you could read the book in a short time (about 100 pages) and come back to this post, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like spoilers

The following scenes are not in the published edition.

They all occur before Angi attains its final form of government.

And, they all occur way before Angi finds enduring Peace


Zeman was stunned.

“The war’s over?”

“Yes, Zeman. Finally

“But, Torin, what will we do?”

“Start over

“With what?”

“With hope


Chief Sastu called the Corporate Leadership Council to order.

“We have much work ahead of us. We must still  assure that the proposed Worlds’ Council, if it comes into being, names us the planet’s representa—”

Member Hadur interrupted with, “The hell you say, Sastu, we need to get someone to attack the Worlds’ Coun—”

Member Rela interrupted with, “Shut up Hadur, what we have to do is apply for a flight to Anla—get away from this doomed Wor—”

Member Newu interrupted with, “We should all commit suicide


Anga’s Planetary Leadership Council met under its usual duress from attempting to keep their planet alive.


Leadership Councils on both the corporate and religious Worlds of Angi were struggling with the terms proposed for a Worlds’ Council.


Zeman and Torin continued their struggle up the hill.

Zeman said, “You think seeing these people will help?”

“These people are sane and compassionate.”

“But, you really think they can help us with our business?”

“I do.”

Velu and Zena greeted Zeman and Torin as they approached the door to the humble cottage.

They got them settled and offered refreshments.

Velu said, “I felt you coming to us many miles away. You want our help with your business.”

Zeman said, “We’ve heard about your abilities in Plasma communication but how much do you know?”

“You have an import business—used to deal in household goods—all your facilities were destroyed two years ago and you’ve been looking for ways to re-establish your business ever since.”

Torin said, “Yes, and rumor has it you know more about this proposed Worlds’ Council than anyone.”

Zena said, “Velu and I have been the main promoters of the Council.”

Velu said, “You want to know if the Worlds’ Council will implement a resurrection initiative for trade businesses.”

“Yes!”, said Torin and Zeman.

Velu continued:

“Don’t wait for the Worlds’ Council, they’ll have their hands full for years just making sure the Territorial, Regional, and Local Councils are up and functioning. Plus, we have great faith but less then certain knowledge that the current Leadership Councils will affirm election of the Worlds’ Council. I would recommend you get to know the members of the Anlan Leadership Council—offer to help them establish new trade conditions.”


Ronu and Ean began their conversation in earnest as soon as the waiter had taken their order and left.

Ean said, “So, how’s the organizing going?”

“Could be better and I think we need another fear campaign.”

“Worried the Worlds’ Council will actually be voted in?”

“Everybody wants it, they’re crazy for it.”

“That’s because it’s the best thing that could happen for them.”

“What!? You, too?”

“No, it won’t be the best thing for us, just for them. It’s a brilliant plan, even if most of it comes straight from that religious book.”

“The Aklans

“Yes, I still don’t know how some crazed prophet came up with a form of government that’s so rational.”

“You still sound like you support it, Ean

“Never. Rational is not what will help us. We want dominance. We want freedom. We want massive profit.”



Preeko sat with her grandfather on the back porch of his ancient home.

After he’d drunk his liquor she began the conversation she’d been aching to start.

“Grandfather, you think this Worlds’ Council will work?”

“So, you’re into that, eh?”

“Lots of my friends are talking about it.”

“And, I suppose you don’t know the details?”

“I did look at one of the reports—looks like the Leadership Councils will accept it

“It’s about time somebody did something decent.”


“Girl, we have two Worlds that were at war for hundreds of years—one nearly dead—one waking up from insanity.”

“Yes, but wouldn’t it be better for the Worlds’ to choose what’s best for each, not have some looming government rule everything?”

“You’re confusing independence with irresponsibility.”


“They aren’t really two Worlds anymore, Preeko; what with all these spaceships it’s like one World in two places.”

“I see that grandfather, but their histories are so different

“And, their people are so damned the same.

“Yes, I see that……

“So, what’s stuck in your throat?”

“Well, spit it out, girl.”

“Lots of folks are saying it came straight from Akla’s Writings.”


“How can a religion have principles that will work for everyone?”

“Don’t matter where the plan came from, it’s the best set of thoughts I’ve ever read.”

“How do you see it working for everyone without becoming something evil?”

“You familiar with the structure?”

“Local Councils vote for Regional Councils, Regionals vote for Territorials, Territorials vote for Worlds’ Council, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

“Seems there could be all kinds of deals worked, at all those levels, to favor certain people

“Seems any system will take some time to prove itself, eh?”

“But, what guarantees are there that the Worlds’ Council won’t become evil?”

“Guarantees are only as good as the people who make them.”


“People have to recover from the War first. They need some way to exercise their rational abilities—a way to practice making good decisions. Sure there’ll be some mistakes and some problems; but, a Worlds’ government voted in from the bottom up is the only way all the people can practice being sane.”

“I think I understand

“Dear Preeko, you better understand. I ain’t gonna be around long enough to keep explaining


Things slowly got better.

People slowly got wiser.

Atrocities did occur from time to time but less frequently as stability grew.

A new consciousness slowly spread—a sense of Oneness—a sense of peace
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