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How Do Self-Published Authors Get Reviews?

There’s been a lot of back-and-forth in the book-world-news about whether reviews have as much clout as they used to in promoting an author’s work

But then, there’s a bunch of back-and-forth for most any aspect of the writer’s realm—this is the Paradigm-Shift-Era.

I’ve garnered a few reviews for Notes from An Alien, my short novel still being given away free and having behind the scenes revelations posted here every Friday.

And, even though I’m a maverick, I still want to share info that non-mavericks can find useful.

So, here’s something about reviews…

It’s a post called, 10 ways to find reviewers for your self-published book, and, as usual, I’ll give you just enough to encourage you to go read it :-)

First are 5 things to bear in mind when contacting potential reviewers, followed by 7 things that should be avoided

Then, the 10 ways to find reviewers:

1. Amazon’s “Meet Our Authors” Forum

2. Amazon’s Top Reviewers

3. Peruse the Amazon book pages

4. LibraryThing & GoodReads

5. Social networking sites

6. Google

7. Services which connect authors and reviewers
> The Bookbag
> Author Marketing Club
> BookRooster
> Kindle Book Review

8. Reviewer directories and lists
> The Book Blogger List
> Step by Step Self Publishing – Reviewer List
> List of literary / poetry review publications

9. Ask other authors

10. Look close to home & offline

11. (“yeah, forget 10 – we’re turning this baby all the way up to 11!”) ~ The Indie View

So, some of you may be able to read that list and set right off to find reviewers

For the rest of you, have fun reading the Empty Mirror’s full article :-)

And, if you know other good ways to get reviews for self-pubbed books, do, please, let us know in the Comments
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Alien’s Book Receives Second Review…

Darcia Helle from BestsellerBound has reviewed Notes from An Alien on GoodReads :-)
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The Author’s Labor To Give Birth To A Book…

Notes from An Alien will be born on the 16th of May, 2011.

Many have viewed the baby through the wonders of modern communication-“ultrasound”.

You can see this fully-formed child of mine, though still floating in the womb of my creativity, by using the link over there in the side-panel.

Labor will begin next week

The pregnancy was long and loving. I look forward to the labor of asking for reviews, seeking impressions about the book’s potential reception in a world full of books…

If the very first review was somewhat predictive, my book’s birth should be joyous; but, even if the birth is painful, I will raise my book to be read by as many as possible. The book has a mission–Notes from An Alien will be carrying a Message for Earth
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Alien’s Book Receives First Review

Tony Riches says:

“I have become used to unusual followers on twitter – but was intrigued to realise I was being followed by an alien.  Her name is Sena Quaren, an Angian woman from a star system about twelve light-years from Earth.

“I had to find out more and discovered a new book which stretched the boundaries of the short story yet at 42,000 words is not a novel in the conventional sense.”

The rest of the review can be read at Tony’s Writing Desk

Regular readers of this blog know about the challenge I’ve been facing and those new here can find out by scrolling down through the last four or five posts.

Having Notes from An Alien receive its first review is a perfect topic to help me get back on the horse and ride this range called life
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