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The “Mechanics” of Writing My Next Book…

For those just tuning in to this blog, I’m currently not publishing new posts 5 days a week, like I did for four years.

I’ll be returning to more intensive blogging; but, not until my next book is finished.

However, while I’m working on the book, I’ll be in here to give updates—like today :-)


I’ve just finished organizing all my preparatory notes—reduced about 25,000 words down to somewhere around 9,000.

Next step is re-reading my last novel, Notes from An Alien <— grab a free copy

The book I’m working on is an expansion on that book—a deeper-telling—different characters—but, it must fit into the time-line of the last novel

So, as I read, I’ll be taking yet more notes—notes that will turn into an “outline”

Then, I can throw all the notes into the blender of my mind and heart; then, get on with the actual writing………

Again, if you’re new here, do, please, while I’m not posting as often, take advantage of the over 1,000 posts already here—either pop some words in the Search Box at the upper right or explore the Top Tags widget further down on the left.

Enjoy! :-)


By the way, my last novel was published by FastPencil.

The next one will be published through Smashwords (with a possible paperback through FastPencil…).
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I’m Still Here . . .

Breaking my sabbatical a bit—long enough to let you know I’m deep into a family crisis that will, more than likely, end up clearing the emotional decks for unclouded sailing… 

Doing a little “side-research” before I get back to the next book—though, any research I do ends up being about the book

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Also, the tabs at the very top are full of rich resources

If you’re a reader, Happy Reading!

If you’re a writer, write!

If you’re a publisher, become more aware of the needs of your writers and readers

Etymologies & Thesaurus Trees

I think it’s time to show the Word Histories and Synonyms for the three Main Topics of this blog:

Reading, Writing, & Publishing.

The etymologies are from the Oxford Online Dictionary Pro:

Old English rae-dan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch raden and German raten ‘advise, guess’. Early senses included ‘advise’ and ‘interpret (a riddle or dream’)

Old English wri-tan ‘score, form (letters) by carving, write’, of Germanic origin; related to German reissen ‘sketch, drag’

Middle English (in the sense ‘make generally known’): from the stem of Old French puplier, from Latin publicare ‘make public’, from publicus

And, the synonyms are from the ThinkMap Visual Thesaurus:



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Is Guy Kawasaki An “Expert” On Digital Publishing?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a short Review of APE ~ Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki & Shawn Welch.

In that review, I said:

“…about 90% of what’s in the book is available with a bit of intelligent searching on Google.

“I’d estimate about 70% is available through this blog—either what I’ve said or sources I link to.

“Please realize I’m not saying you shouldn’t read this book—just be sure you don’t accept it as the “full package” it’s being marketed as…”

My dictionary defines “expert” as: “a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”.

Does what I said in the review make me an “expert” on digital publishing?

My answer would be no

I wonder why so many folks are calling Kawasaki an “expert”

Let me share some things he said on Digital Book World in the article The Top Ten Mistakes Writers Make When Self-Publishing a Book and let you judge whether he really knows what he’s talking about {by the way, I’m not saying what he says is “wrong”, just that, in many cases, it’s not the whole “truth”—i.e., it only applies to certain kinds of digital publishing…}:

Kawasaki’s Top Ten Mistakes when writers self-publish:

1. Writing for the wrong reason.

2. Not hiring a professional copyeditor.

3. Designing your own cover.

4. Not building your marketing platform in advance.

5. Using a word processor other than Microsoft Word.

6. Inadequately testing your ebook.

7. Selling only an ebook version.

8. Depending solely on social media and word of mouth.

9. Not tapping the crowd.

10. Having only one plan.

Naturally, if you follow the link to that article, you can see what he says about those 10 points.

Mr. Kawasaki is very popular

Mr. Kawasaki has a tremendous following

Mr. Kawasaki will make a lot of money from his book (and, because of his article on Digital Book World, he will sell even more)



Is he an “expert” because he “repackages” what others have been saying for a number of years?

Certainly, his book and that article could very well be what he learned from his own experience


Most of it had already been learned and was freely available on the ‘Net

Just to be absolutely clear, I’m not at all saying he did anything “wrong”; but, is what he did all that “right”?

Care to share your ideas in the Comments?
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Here’s a re-blog of a post from the early part of this year, which is fast closing… It’s good to look back when preparing to look forward :-)

Notes from An Alien

I’ve written many posts about new opportunities for readers, new challenges for writers, and new business models for publishers.

I’ve linked to many other sites to give a rounded view of the transformation we’re going through in the Book-World.

I’ve found a wonderful article that’s a great summary of most of the changes and we’ll get to that soon.

First though, while trying to find, amongst the 330 posts on this blog [edit on 25 Dec 2012: 552 posts now :-)], appropriate ones to link-to in this post, I decided to use my own search function ( it’s in the upper right of the blog :-)

For posts about readers, check out this link about Reading.

For posts about writers, try this link about Writer.

For posts about publishers, look to Traditional.

There are other search terms you can use but these seemed appropriate for this post.

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