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For All the Women Who’ve Been Misunderstood ( and, Worse… ) . . .

I’m not doing a re-blog today because I was reminded of a particular video that, to me, fits right into the #MeToo Campaign; plus, any related movements that are working to free women from inequality, harassment, oppression, and violence…

The video is Pink Floyd and the song is The Great Gig In The Sky

The males of the band defer to the three female backup singers, giving them center stage—voices soaring, imploring, complaining, and wailing—melodies of elegance and entreaty and exhortation…

It is definitely a wordless yet powerful and evocative Message

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Put A Little Prompt In Your Writing

Writing is more than putting words down.

Writing is everything you do to find those words—because writing happens in the mind and heart before the words escape

And, there are all kinds of writing prompts:










I’ve written here before about writing prompts.

I’ve also written about music and writing.

So, there’s this certain song by Pink Floyd that’s a tribute to a band member who passed away—Syd Barrett.

I’ve got a video of this piece below but

I’ll dare you to use the video as a writing prompt.

Whether you listen to the words and let them prompt your own writing.

Or, let the music guide your writing.

Or, write from the emotions you feel.

Or, the thoughts you have

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Is Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” An Extended Writing Prompt?

For that matter, is any music you happen to love a writing prompt?

I heartily encourage my readers who are writers (and, those who are not yet writers) to listen to The Wall

Have a pen and paper or a simple computer note-taker handy

If you don’t get at least one dynamite writing idea, I’ll return your full purchase price :-)

Also, if you’ve heard Pink Floyd and can’t stand them, please tell us in the Comments what music gives you writing ideas

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Education, Music, and Writing

“We don’t need no education” are words from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.

They’re followed by “We don’t need no thought-control”.

Equating education and thought-control is easy in our current world-culture.

Plus, thought-control doesn’t only happen in the classroom—film, TV shows, mainstream media, clergy, and advertising all attempt various forms of “education”

And, many books of fiction “educate” us by immersing our feelings in situations so seemingly real we absorb dangerous “lessons”—unless we’re on our guard.

The word-history of “education” includes the meanings “lead out”, “bring out”, and “lead forth”.

So it would seem we do have the ability to protect ourselves from improper “education” by not letting ourselves be led around, whether the enticement is to our hearts or minds.

In a post from March, Music & Writing ~ Kissin’ Cousins, I said:

“Many authors can’t even write if their favorite music isn’t playing

“Some writers have special music they play for each character in their story

“Even though I treasured books as a youth and considered English as a major in college, until I got to my 40s, Music was my Muse.

“I played brass instruments as a child—sang in the church and later on the secular stage.

“Even when I did write some poetry or attempt a story, I ‘thought’ of the writing as a performance nearly identical to music.”

“Personally, I find the Spirit of Music to be closely related to the Spirit of Literature—word and tone having sprung from the same human Roots

I also feel music educates us since it has such power to lead us, to bring forth feeling and thought

Some folks are very careful about what music they listen to.

Some folks are very careful about what they read.

Some folks aren’t careful at all about either

Can you see similarities between writing and music?

Do you think they both “educate” us, even if we sometimes don’t notice it’s happening?

I’ve always loved to study but always had problems with most of the “education” presented in schools.

Are you that way, too?

If so, you should appreciate this video:

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I’m A Writer With Roaring Flames In My Heart…

One of the “rules” of blogging is: “Don’t talk about yourself.”

Another “rule” is: “Let your readers know about you.”

Sometimes “rules” are dumb…

If people don’t understand anything about me as a person, how will they understand what I write in this blog?

The title of this post is my personal motto. Awhile back I posted an “interview” with myself and appended a video of Diana Krall, my favorite singer, with the song, Temptation, being an indication of those flames in my heart. That song has the flames Deep within and I thought I should give another, more obvious, example of what it means to be a writer with flames in his heart.

The video below also helps give more understanding to why I posted about the problems in educational systems and why I love to study but have always had problems with schools

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