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Is This How You Feel?

I normally have a re-blog on Sundays—a brief beginning of a blog post from someone else, with a link to their site (actually, I do this on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday…)… 

However, I’ve been blessed to receive word of an amazing site that presents an incredible enterprise.

It’s a site from a group of Australian scientists presenting, not their carefully considered rational views on climate change, but Their Feelings about Climate Change

They have a Twitter Campaign of Anyone‘s Feelings about Climate Change

1. Handwrite your feelings on climate change
2. Take a photo of it on your phone
3. Tweet your photo to @ITHYF_Letters

There is even the Is This How You Feel? Blog

And, after all that is a page for Now What?

Should Fiction Deal with How Our World Could Be “Restructured” to Eliminate All Our Crises?

It would be impossible for anyone to prove that our world isn’t embroiled in multiple, interwoven crises… 


Image Courtesy of ilker . ~

Do you think fiction writers should deal with this in their work?

Certainly, there have been plenty of dystopian novels and novels that create a new, fictional ordering of our world.

The question is:

How many novels deal directly with the “multiple, interwoven” crises we’re actually having?

Here are a few of the major ones:

Climate Change

Oppression of Women and Girls

Threat of Pandemic Diseases

Water Shortages

Food Shortages

Excessive Wealth with Crushing Poverty

Increasing Terrorism

Corporations Over-Mastering Sovereign Nations

Hang on

Is that last one really happening?

Sadly… it almost is…; and, it still might get worse—even to the point that a corporation can sue a government whenever it wants to override its laws

If this sounds like sheer fiction, check out what the Trans-Pacific Partnership attempted to do

A main point of reaching a resolution of all our crises revolves around Governance.

If you want to read a novel that delves into resolving multiple, interwoven global crises <—Click That Link

That book happens on worlds other than Earth but clearly shows how our planet could reach global tranquility.

And, if you want some solid research material for planning a fictional work that reflects sane and practical resolutions for bad governance, Download This Paper from the Institute for Studies In Global Prosperity.

Here’s their description of their mission:

“The Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity (ISGP) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to building capacity in individuals, groups and institutions to contribute to prevalent discourses concerned with the betterment of society.”

So, do you think fiction should deal with these issues?

And, how close can fiction get to what’s actually happening and remain fiction?

Also, do you think there are too many novels that help folks completely escape from reality and block them from helping to heal our world…?
Read Some Strange Fantasies
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Can Authors Do What Scientists Can’t Seem To Do?

Does Climate Change matter to you?

Climate Change

Image courtesy of Miles Pfefferle ~

Bother you?

Scare you?

Not interest you at all?

There are so many scientists trying to make a case for dire days ahead for humanity; but, it might seem like no one cares

Is it because folks only care about what will happen tomorrow or in the next hour?

Is it because people just don’t believe the scientists?

Is it because we don’t understand the scientists?

Naturally, there are powerful multinational corporations narrating their own stories about those “crazy” scientists

Well, I got an email from my Best Friend this morning that revealed to me the utter creativity and profound commitment that can be mustered around the whole issue of Climate Change.

The story begins in Melbourne, Australia at the Wheeler Centre—“…the centrepiece of Melbourne’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature.”

The story will continue to unfold at Free Word in London, internationales literaturfestival berlin, Krytyka Polityczna in Warsaw, and Tallaght Community Arts in Dublin.

The Project is called Weather Station and is set to explore Climate Change through Writing.

From their site:

“We’ve given five authors eighteen months to explore, research and discuss the question of our threatened environment….they’ll be sharing their thoughts, ideas and discoveries, as they work to use the power of storytelling to inspire new ways of living.”

And, from an article on Weather Station’s site—‘Deep Down, Do I Really Care?’—by author Oisin McGann, we have these words (do go to that last link for the full article):

“There’s no question that the issue of climate change is important . . . right?”

“Yet, there’s still that question, that grotesque beast of a question, scratching at the undersides of the floorboards in your brain, grunting at you to let it out into the light.”

“‘Deep down, do I really care?’”

Because, let’s face it; if human beings were spurred into action by something as straightforward as facts, we’d have solved most of society’s problems a long time ago.”

“So what’s the point of dragging five storytellers into this?”

“If the reader will only consent to take our hand, we can lead them on a dance, and in the course of that dance, in that whirling momentum, we can steer them in new directions. If they invite us into their minds, we can seed new thoughts. We can show them the world through our eyes. We can manipulate emotions.

“And it is emotion, far more than reason, that compels us to act. Facts may offer a compelling reason for doing something, but if you want to provoke people into action, you have to get personal.”

Then, he revisits his question, “‘Deep down, do I really care?’”:

When that ugly monster of a question bursts up through the floorboards and demands an answer, I’ll have one to give. I do care, because this is my problem. I’m making it my problem.”

The other writers in the project are Xiaolu Guo, Mirko Bonné, Jas Kapela, and Tony Birch.

What are your thoughts and feelings about Climate Change?

Do you think it’s the humanity-threatening challenge scientists are trying to get us to confront?

Do you think it’s already causing suffering around the world?

Do you think authors can engage people toward action, who, for various reasons, are now doing nothing?
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