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Plans, Goals, and Chaos . . .

My blog focuses on Reading, Writing, and Publishing but today’s post could be helpful for nearly any important life situation.


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We all make plans, strive for goals, and experience chaos.

But, chaos has at least two meanings—total confusion and vast emptiness

And, if you can embrace chaos, confusion can morph into emptiness, and that very emptiness can attract amazing stuff !

I’m going to reference two articles from the site Wise Bread.

It’s a financial site but these articles can be mined for help in “nearly any important life situation<— it’s fun quoting oneself :-)

The first article—The 5 Habits You Must Break to Become More Self-Confident—is, to me, directed straight at writers.

Do go read it; but, here are the 5 habits:

1. Stop Trying to Please Everyone Else

2. Stop Living in the Past

3. Stop Setting Yourself Up to Fail

4. Stop Looking for Someone to Blame

5. Stop Playing It Safe

The second article—6 Steps to Achieving All Your Goals—is all about prioritizing.

Again, do go read the whole article; but, here I want to focus on just one of those steps:

Determine If Accomplishing One Will Affect Accomplishing Another

And, I’ll recommend a tool to help you do just that—Scapple.

Here’s a Scapple board with a quick entry of some of my major goals:


And, here’s the same Scapple board after I moved things around according to how one thing affects another:


Hoping to see a few comments about how some of you plan your goals and, hopefully, use chaos :-)
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