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Are Writers Doomed To Be Isolated And Lonely?

I know quite a few writers but certainly not all writers.

Still, I want to think-out-loud about how they’re affected by all the time they spend alone

Naturally, “alone” doesn’t necessarily mean “lonely”.

And, for creative writers, “isolated” doesn’t necessarily mean “alone”—there are all those characters in their heads :-)

I imagine there are some writers who are both isolated and lonely; yet, I know many who have rich social lives.

Which brings me to ponder about writers who claim their job is to only write, that they aren’t capable of the “business” side—publishing and promotion.

If they don’t have a rich social life, they may well need other people to help make the “business” decisions.

If they have no problems being social, they could certainly, in my opinion, easily learn the “business” of writing.

I’ve put “business” in quotes four times now because, to me, that word doesn’t have to mean soulless activity that conflicts with a creative nature.

Many successful business people will tell you that what they do is all about relationships

With all that said, so many writers—either thinking about self-publishing or realizing that traditional publishers want them to do most of the promotion activities—are facing what they feel is a necessity to deal with the “social networks”—Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Diaspora, etc….

Even writers who have “rich social lives” seem to feel it necessary to spend many hours each day dealing with the “social networks”

Back in October, Joel Friedlander asked me to do a guest post—Second Life: Virtual Book Promotion and Word of Mouth.

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

“The anxiety I experienced with ‘social networking’ was that it wasn’t ‘social’ enough for me and the ‘networking’ had weak bonds. I need solid relationships for my book promotion endeavors. I’d rather reach a small group who love me than a vast herd who can tolerate me. And, if I can slowly and surely increase my reading-friends—create lasting bonds—the odds of those people promoting the book for me are much better.

“So, there I was, book-promotion-maverick seeking deep bonds, flailing about in a sea of temporary ‘friendship’ and uncertain ‘relationship’. I’m not trying to blame those Internet platforms. It’s just that I can’t find what I absolutely need in my approach to book promotion in those arenas.”

I go on to talk about what I am doing to promote my writing

I did a post a few days ago that featured poet Sarah Kay.

I’m going to feature her again–performing her poem, Postcards.

Poetry lends itself to multiple interpretation and I hope you’ll share yours in the Comments :-)

To me, Postcards is all about my experience with “social” networks.……..

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Poetry That Just Might Knock Your Socks Off . . .

You might know me as the guy who’s published a novel and is working on a short story collection.

Maybe you never noticed that I began my publishing career as a poet.

Plus, after I finish the upcoming short stories, I’m going to dive back into poetry

Considering the vast range of types of poetry and that poetry and prose can have sex and produce yet more variety, I wonder why so many folks “can’t stand” poetry.

Perhaps I’ve found a poet they might like.

She does what she calls “spoken word” poetry.

Seems to be from a long ancestry of prose/poetry intermarriage.

Seems to ooze significance and effuse meaning and sparkle at the back of the mind and trigger memories of things you haven’t yet done

Her name is Sarah Kay and she’s founded a movement called Project V.O.I.C.E.

She talks about her Project in the video below, after a very cool poem, then goes into a rap about creativity that should be viewed by every writer on the planet.

If you’re not careful (whether you’re a reader, writer, or publisher) she just might inspire you.

Watch this video and get back with me in the comments, ok?

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In Memorium, for Jamie…

I’m deep into my grief for the loss, on earth, of my friend, Jamie…

Gone in a flash in a car accident…

Consummate poet

Good friend

This video is a tribute to her Spirit

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