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Above and Beyond The Call . . .

Networking can often elicit seemingly magical responses.

One would think people are closely connected at some deep psychological level.

And, I do, in fact, believe we are all connected—sometimes obviously, usually without conscious awareness.

There’s a man from Wales who maintains four blogs {whew}—one on Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, another on Kayak Journeys, yet another on the latest news and information from NASA.

His fourth blog, The Writing Desk, carried a review of my recently published book, Notes from An Alien.

It was my “co-author” and main character from the book, Sena Quaren, who first made contact with Tony Riches, a truly modern Renaissance man.

Tony then got a free copy of Notes from An Alien and contacted me about a review.

It was my first :-)

Time passed………

I recently sent an email to the 240 folks who’ve received a free copy of the book to encourage them to give me feedback on the follow-up volume as well as give any of them who’d lost the digital copy {So Much Email} a chance to have me resend the book.

Tony wrote back and offered me a guest post on his blog

Some may think it’s just the normal sort of thing that happens when you network with people.

If that were true, I’d have gotten a multitude of guest post offers

I believe there’s a bit of magic in sincere networking.

What do you think?
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Alien’s Book Receives First Review

Tony Riches says:

“I have become used to unusual followers on twitter – but was intrigued to realise I was being followed by an alien.  Her name is Sena Quaren, an Angian woman from a star system about twelve light-years from Earth.

“I had to find out more and discovered a new book which stretched the boundaries of the short story yet at 42,000 words is not a novel in the conventional sense.”

The rest of the review can be read at Tony’s Writing Desk

Regular readers of this blog know about the challenge I’ve been facing and those new here can find out by scrolling down through the last four or five posts.

Having Notes from An Alien receive its first review is a perfect topic to help me get back on the horse and ride this range called life
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