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How Long Does It Take to Write A Novel?

I’d done a re-blog from Roz Morris about “writing at speed”; so, I thought it would be proper to share a video of Roz talking (rather poetically…) about the Long and Short of novel writing…

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On The Path Toward . . .

In my last post, I said my next step on the path toward my next book was to read my last book.

On The Path Toward A Book

Image Courtesy of Matthew Pickard ~

Well, true; but…

There’re parts of my last book that live on this blog—little moonlets of the book

Since the next book is in the same universe and time-span, I must take account of those extra scenes I wrote that weren’t in the last-book-proper.

This is a bit of a challenge (but, what writer worth their salt doesn’t like a challenge) and I’m marveling, again, at how much space a novel can have; even if much of that space isn’t in the book

I wrote a post last November that may be of interest—What Are Your Writing Habits?

Also, while I’m off doing this thing called writing (i.e., not posting as much here), do feel free to use the search box in the upper right or the Top Tags widget down a ways in the left side-bar to find other posts of interest………

Balancing The Writer’s Life

Avid readers might be prone to becoming writers

Avid writers are apt to become publishers

Publishers are learning to interact more immediately with their readers

But this lovely triangle wouldn’t exist without the Writer.

And, these days, many more writers are still heavy readers while learning to be nimble publishers.

Where’s the Balance?

My personal balance involves Inner and Outer needs.

Inwardly, I must read so I can ponder so I can meditate so I can open the portals to let my writing happen.

Outwardly, I must blog and attend to Google Plus interaction while assuring myself sufficient time with my friends.

Inward must balance with Outward

Recently, Victoria Grefer, on her blog, Creative Writing with the Crimson League, wrote about balance in the post, Being an Author who Blogs…. The Biggest Minor Inconveniences.

Here are a few of the things she has to balance:

Do I work on the blog, or my novel?

The approaching deadline.

You want to write about your books, but in a big way, you can’t.

I’ll let those interested go read her full post

When I contemplate the balancing I must do in my life to support my being a writer, I keep coming back to one benchmark for judging what needs more weight or what must be trimmed:


Here’s the origin of the word from the Oxford dictionary:

late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos ‘principal, genuine’

Are the things I’m balancing of equal genuineness?

Am I attempting to balance the principle factors?

Kill your darlings” can definitely apply to not only factors of your writing but to activities and “priorities” that don’t help you maintain your Authenticity—keep you from being true to yourself.
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