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An Independent Author for Independence Weekend . . .

I live in the United States of America and, according to a friend of mine from the United Kingdom, the July Fourth Weekend is an English celebration of finally getting rid of the Americans :-)

Actually, American “Independence” has mostly deteriorated into an attitude that has insulated the country from sincere Global Participation.

Be that as it may, the author video below will let you listen to an extremely independent writer, Neal Stephenson.

Among his highly acclaimed books is the title, Snow Crash, which some have said was the inspiration for the virtual world, Second Life. I’ve written a number of posts that mention Second Life because I spend at least 20 hours a week there engaging in various forms of writing, reading, and publishing discussions as well as promoting my book

Stephenson also wrote Anathem which most writers should be able to relate to because it portrays a society that walls off certain people and, “…bans them from using or even knowing how to use any technology but paper and pen…”

The video is short but the premise is astounding:

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