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The Writer’s Voice ~ More Than A Certain “Style”…

The six words in the image are Qualities of a writer’s Voice. Writer's Voice

Like most concepts in writing, “Voice” is somewhat slippery…

Are we talking about some “feel” we get from every sentence a writer uses?

Are we talking only about the 3rd person P.O.V.—since individual characters could well have completely distinct voices?

That image of Voice Qualities is a screen-shot from the video below…

Julian Treasure is the man speaking (he’ll explain each Voice Quality) and he’s talking about the voice we use when we speak.

But here comes more of that slipperiness I mentioned up there:

“The action or an act of uttering with the voice” is a definition of the word “Utterance“.

Another definition of that same word is “That which is uttered or expressed in words….written statement or expression”.

Here’s another screen-shot from the video: Avoid These In Your Writing

These are what Julian says we should avoid when we speak, if we want others to pay attention…

I feel these six Qualities should be avoided at all costs in a writer’s 3rd person P.O.V. [though, every “rule” can (and will, eventually) be broken]; plus, certain characters in a story may manifest these qualities with great force…

Some of you may be doubting my sanity in relating these concepts to the craft of writing…

Yet I am a writer and I find using the tool of Analogical Comparison, applied to other arts, is a valuable source of learning in my art—painting and music are also great for this creative-borrowing of tools…


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Sorry for the interruption :-)

The last screen-shot from the video shows what I’ll call Inner Qualities of Writing. Inner Qualities of Writing

These are what I feel a writer would do well to develop in their private Relationship with their Readers…

This borrowing from the art of speaking-so-others-pay-attention may strain your ability to use Analogical Comparison; but, give it a try—Mr. Treasure will help you in the video…

By the way, if you think “analogy” and “comparison” are just two words for the same thing, try considering the phrase, Poetical Comparison; or, Imaginary Comparison—and, yes, I’m being slippery with words—but, then, I am a writer :-)

And, if you absolutely can’t relate to my Slippery Analogical Comparisons, you may just find yourself having to use your physical voice in a situation where it critically matters that others want to pay attention………

Enjoy The Video—this man truly practices what he preaches…

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