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Author Interview ~ Red Harvey

There are Lots of Author Interviews on this blog

Today’s is a bit different…

First, because the interview is with another Wattpad author (there are six more, just above her, in the list at that link up there…).

Second, this author is a bit feisty :-)


Red Harvey - Author O.K., Red, give us a few personal insights?

Well, I’m just a girl, standing in front of some readers, asking them to read her…no, okay, I flubbed that up.

Do over. I’m a Puerto Rican crazy person, and if I don’t rid myself of the crazy ideas (also known as stories), then I’d go into overload mode. That, and my two kids drive me nuts, in the most loving way possible.

What do you do all day?

I write, and I write, and I write. Mostly science-fiction, although I slipstream into other genres, like fantasy and horror. I’m also big into essay writing.

When I’m not writing or being a mom, I’m teaching college composition, editing for the academic journal Penumbra, or editing at my indie press Nuff Said.

What’s your favorite part about speculative fiction?

I love the oddity. Every genre has the potential for oddity, but speculative fiction feeds off it in order to transport the reader properly.

Why do your stories often strike a dark tone?

Could be because I’m (read above) a lover of odd, which then translates to dark. I also find life to be dark, and in my stories, I throw life on a screen.

Who inspires you?

Stephen King. Kidding. And not kidding. But no, really, my newest inspiration is a very distant cousin, Julia de Burgos. She was a poet, feminist, and nationalist, and though her life was a disjointed tragedy, I’m inspired by her drive to promote equality and kindness.

When did you first think about being a writer and/or when did you first do some writing?

Like the corny cliche goes, I’ve written from a young age. However, I never finished a full-length novel until I was 24 (I’m now 29, if that puts things into perspective). I got pregnant with my first son and realized I needed to finish something instead of starting a chapter, moving onto a different story, or jotting down a short story. My mind used to be all over the place about writing. Now, it’s only sort of all over the place.

Care to share a bit about what it’s like on Wattpad?

Being on Wattpad is inspiring, addictive, and rewarding as hell. Utilizing a simple interface, anyone can post a story, and receive feedback in minutes. Does it always work out that easily? No, but sometimes it does, and every writer needs and wants that golden ticket of feedback, so why not try Wattpad? I didn’t intend to turn this into a Wattpad infomercial, but there ya go.

Tell us a bit about your works on Wattpad (especially, Obsolution, my current read…).

I have a few works on Wattpad, such as a horror novella, The Dark, or a paranormal thriller, Cursed, but my labor of love is the sci-fi novel, Obsolution. Gender dynamics have always fascinated me, and sci-fi is my go-to genre of choice, and so I decided to push the two together. Obsolution is about an average retail manager living in a futuristic setting. He inadvertently gets his hands on revolutionary 3-D tech, and prints a female version of himself. Through the eyes of his clone, or Sam, he sees the world differently, all while contending with the growing mechanization of the workforce.

I worked in retail for a long time, and as I rung up people’s purchases, the thought that a machine (or a monkey) could do my job crossed my mind many a time. I worried I might lose my job constantly, but fate gave me a new one, so yay! I’m glad to be out of that world, but I’m also grateful for the real-world experience I gained.

What’s the big project at the moment?

Currently, I’m chugging along on a space opera about four explorers compelled to answer a mysterious alien invitation. As their journey progresses and the decades fly by, they find themselves changing, for better or worse.

Looking forward to reading that, Red…

And, thanks, so much, for taking time out of your busy day to share with my readers about your writing life…

See ya on Wattpad :-)



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