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Author Interview ~ J. G. Weller

As the Events Manager on Book Island in Second Life, I produce the weekly newsletter. One of our Features is the Author Mini-Interview. This week we talked with J. G. Weller, a man who tends to parachute into our events :-)

J. G., tell us about your writing style.

My writing style has been crafted out of a combination of Dr. Seuss’ style, Edgar Allan Poe’s style, J.M. Barrie’s Style, and my own twisted imagination.

When did you first start writing or telling stories?

I have been telling stories since I first learned to talk.  And I’ve been writing since I learned how to write.  Everything I’ve ever done in life has focused around the story I could tell about it.

Fascinating, J. G.

You’ve already published your first book. Would you tell us about that?

Last year, I published Of Tea and Jellybeans.  It’s about a sixteen-year-old dreamer/writer who is suffering from writer’s block.  One morning he wakes up from a dream that causes his imagination to overload and sends him into his dreamworld where he lives out the rest of the dream he just woke up from.  In the end, he receives the inspiration of a lifetime.
You can pick up a copy on Amazon.

What writers or types of books do you enjoy reading?

Wow…  Since this is a mini-interview, I’ll try to keep it short…  As everybody knows, I love Dr. Seuss.  I also really enjoy J.M. Barrie, Longfellow, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and various recent authors that I won’t go into great detail about :-)

So, what’s next for J. G. Weller?

I’m currently working on a book that I have titled, Jonathon Archer: Hero of Nowheresville.  Here’s a synopsis:
The synopsis is a special addition for this post–not available in the original interview…

The year? 3204.  The place?  Horizon Creek, the town that time forgot.  The unlikeliest of heroes?  Absolutely.

When fourteen-year-old Jonathon Archer’s hometown is overrun by an intergalactic virus, the townsfolk become mindless blood-thirsty beasts.  Being the only one unaffected by the infection, Jonathon must travel to the futuristic metropolis of Celestion in search of a cure.

However, what awaits him in Celestion is not just the cure, but rather the adventure of a lifetime!  Intergalactic travel, space pirates, extraordinary alien planets, and the girl he always dreamed of meeting!

Barely returning to Horizon Creek before the entire population is destroyed, Jonathon stopped being known simply as Jonathon Archer…

Now, he was Jonathon Archer: HERO OF NOWHERESVILLE!

Thanks for the interview J. G.!!  I hope you’ll be able to parachute in here to answer any questions from our readers :-)

Folks, take a peek at his Facebook page
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