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Author Interview ~ P A Hughes

This will make 70 author interviews on this blog and it will be the 7th Wattpad author

I’m extremely happy I’m finally able to have P A Hughes here since she was the first author I read on Wattpad who was above the level of “aspiring” or “apprentice”

Wattpad is wonderful because of its egalitarian attitude and I’ve read my share of “beginners” (funny, though, how good story-telling can override “poor writing”…).

But, today’s interviewee is, at 19 years of age, a true Phenomenon—a writer-ExtraordinaireP A Hughes -- Author

Let’s get this thing rollin’


So… Let’s start with, what subject did you like the most in school? 

I won’t lie and say I was enthralled by English as I’ve always wanted to be a writer, in fact I hated English. The entire subject seemed to skirt around anything real to do with books and the written word. When you break poetry down into methodical and mechanical sections, it takes the song from the bird.

My favourite subject was actually history. It was like one big story. Every class was learning about some new player on history’s stage and even the political and economic struggles of pre-war Germany were a fascinating find. In my opinion you cannot look to the future if you cannot understand the past. Too many people look at history and take it at face value. This happened and this person or this group of people were the bad guys. When you actually look at the events leading to whatever struggle—be it Persian, Hittites, Babylonians, Americans, the USSR, or even my home of Britannia—you start to see the “bad guys” as people and you understand their actions a little more.

Have you always wanted to be an author?

Simple answer, no. I never thought of being an author as a career. I’m currently studying a degree course in Social Sciences and I’m hoping to change over to Scottish History and Archaeology. Writing is a hobby and I hope that never changes. If I have to write for a living I will lose the fun in it. I don’t want to churn out books because I have to, I want to tell stories because they should be told. I’d be very happy digging up old pots for the rest of my life and maybe selling a book if it meant I could keep falling in love with it every time I put pen to paper.

What got you writing?

I started writing because I would wake up half-way through a dream and was frustrated that I couldn’t get back to it so I would make up my own ending to it. From there on I would flicker up an idea for a plot line in my head at odd times and if I didn’t write it down the whole thing would be gone.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Ideally I’ll be a famous author weaving out books three or four times a year to great success and admiration. Realistically, I’d like to sell a book. One book. Just leave a legacy of even one small printed story that may never be amongst the likes of Bronte or Wilde but good enough that one kid twenty years from now will find it beaten up in a library and grudgingly decide it’s the best book he’s read so far out of the multitude of five books that he has read, so he’ll do his book report on it.

Incredibly “realistic” ambition, I must say…

So, what are your latest writing efforts?

So far, I’m in the middle of writing three full-length novels and a few side-line short stories and novellas. Each story is nothing like the other. There is only one series I’m working on at the moment called Coffin Birth. It’s a mixture of short stories filled with macabre and a little humour.

You haven’t physically published a book yet… Why is that?

I have been looking into publishing and fully intend to go ahead with it; however, I’m still caught-up trying to decide which novel to go for first. I’m waiting for my current readers to decide which one is the most popular and I will publish that one. So far, my readers affections have been quite evenly spread amongst the works I have published on websites.

Can you give us an idea of how much research you do?

For one book I’m working on at the moment the main character is an astronomer and I go really in-depth whenever he monologues about space or the sky in general. I have done hours of research into galaxies—their history, their namesakes, even to their colours and basic molecular structure, if specific to that star system.

I’m happy to say I already know the answer to my last question; but… what site do you use the most for your writing?

I use WattPad. It’s a free to use site for thousands of authors and readers. I prefer to use that site because it lets you directly interact with the people reading your books. I’ve found some loyal fans on there and have even had people reach out to me for help with their story lines or editing. It is very much a community, compliments and constructive criticism are all part and parcel when it comes to creating a work people can really enjoy.

Thanks, so much, for sharing a bit of your writing life with us—see you on Wattpad :-)


As always, feel free to ask our author questions in the Comments :-)

P A Hughs’ Links:

A Few of Her Novels (images are links):

Famed Monster

Famed Monster — Morgan Jarden is a reporter for the Kelman Times. After the death of her mother she is on a mission to find a brother born and abandoned six years before she was born.
Join Morgan as she tracks down her brother who turns out to be a leading player in the metal music scene. Happy families for a time but what happens when Morgan and her bother embark on a scandalous relationship and what will she do when she finds out his secret?















We Were Ghosts

We Were Ghosts — Five friends find themselves on the opposite side of the Ouija board. Being dead is all fun and games when you’re the scary ghost but ask yourself this, what are the dead frightened of? Read along with the chapters and find out exactly what goes bump in the night.

Letters to Myself

Letters To Myself — How do you talk to someone who isn’t there? Write them a letter of course. But what do you do when they reply? Disgraced by his peers Dr Morgan is set to live out his days alone, but is he the only one on the remote mountain side?













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2 responses to “Author Interview ~ P A Hughes

  1. Jane Watson February 20, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    Hi P.A. great interview! As a writer myself, who is seriously toying with the idea of changing her writing name from Jane Watson (my real life name) to J.D.Watson or even J.D.W, I am wondering if you could share with us your reasons for using ‘P.A’? Having published one novel with a traditional publisher, I have several reasons why I feel inclined do this, even though the first book came out under ‘Jane Watson’ :-)


  2. P.A Hughes February 21, 2016 at 5:44 am

    Firstly, PA aren’t even my initials, they are my fathers. Second, I chose not to put my name down because there are plenty of psychological studies into prejudice against names. Subconsciously we make judgement on names without ever meaning to. Third there is more of a market for male writers, female writers have a stigma for being mushy and romantic however wrong that stereotype is. Most of my readers actually think i’m male. I’ve never once said i am but there is more of a market for male novelists. I hope this helps answer your question Jane. All the best with your books. PA.


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