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Inside The Writer’s Mind

So far, we’ve had 29 Author Interviews and this is certainly one way to attempt to get inside the mind of a writer.

We’ve explored the writer’s mind in many ways here but one in particular stands out: Why Do Humans Write?

If you’ve read more than a few posts here, you’ve probably come across a mention or two of Book Island.

Book Island is a special place in the virtual world, Second Life, that lets me meet and interact with Readers, Writers, and Publishers on a regular basis.

We attend events with Open Mic readings, engage in discussion groups, and, often, just hang out at the Writer’s Block Cafe :-)

One of the Book Island Regulars, who’s also the Correspondent for the Island Newsletter, is writer Barbara Blackcinder.

She gave me permission to copy one of her blog posts here.

Get ready to enter the Mind of a Writer………


Where Did My Writer Come From?

When I say my character walks in the darkened night, under branches that shine with the mist, dripping on me as I pass under them, it is because I have walked under that branch and wondered how I would say it when I would write it down later. I have always been a writer, whenever my mind wasn’t occupied by taking care of some aspect of life. When my mind wandered, it wrote.

My life is one of scenarios occurring one after the other. Some were frightful, some became frightful as I wrote them in my head. Some threw boogie men at me left and right while I navigated a tunnel, dark, cluttered with garbage, and a box just large enough for someone to hide behind until the very second I passed by. But when I successfully passed through without such an attack, I was relieved, and had another eerie scene in my storage case, as well as one of success.  I may have had to clean my underwear when I returned home though.

My mind was inwardly facing since I knew that I was thinking instead of reacting. Although I thought about things that had to be thought about, it was always from the perspective of another eye deep inside my head. It was me, but I could see myself acting, reacting, scared and joyful. This dichotomy of thought was myself and my writer. They’ve been around for over fifty years and know they always will be together.

Until The End
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3 responses to “Inside The Writer’s Mind

  1. Simone Benedict March 9, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    29 author interviews. Wow!!!

    Love the description of mind of a writer. So very accurate and beautifully described.


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