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Author Interview ~ Irene Helenowski

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Irene, please tell us where you’re from.

I’m from Chicago, a Chi-town girl, in this dimension anyway ;-)

:-)When did your interest in writing begin?  

I’d just finished my dissertation in biostatistics and felt like I needed something else to write, so I started my book.

How did you go about the tasks of editing and revision?  

I kept printing out several copies and looking them over until I was satisfied and approved the book for general distribution.  I also had a professional proofreader look for typographical errors.

Who, if any, are your writing “heroes/heroines”?  

My favorite authors include Joseph Conrad, Jack London, and Michael Crichton, but I like to keep to my own writing style.

So, Irene, tell us about your latest book, Order of the Dimensions.

It’s about inter-dimensional travel made possible by a new form of technology developed by a group of physicists,  including the protagonist.  When the technology falls into the wrong hands, however, trouble ensues and it’s up to the protagonist and her colleagues to stop it.

So, what are you possibly doing in another dimension? :-)

I’d like to think that I’m doing something similar to what I am doing now, but I could just be in another place, like mile-high Denver or, conversely, the Sacramento Valley.

And, what do you do in this dimension?

I’m a statistical analyst at an academic medical center.

So, you’re not a physicist?

LOL, no.  I just really like looking into the many-worlds theory and watching specials on it on the Science Channel; especially, the ones featuring Drs. Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, and Clifford Johnson.

Who would you say is your “target” reader?

I hope everyone will enjoy the book, but especially young girls as I hope it piques their interest in science.

And, where can we find more information on the book?

You can go to my facebook page where excerpts and news on where the book is available are featured, as well as other cool stuff :-)

Well, Irene, thanks, so much, for stopping by and letting us know a bit about you and your book.


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4 responses to “Author Interview ~ Irene Helenowski

  1. Jane Watson October 21, 2012 at 6:48 am

    I enjoyed your interview, Irene. I am wondering where else on the net you promote your work, in any digital world like Second Life or any other dimension? I liked your ‘fantasy casting’ on your FB page ;)


  2. Irene Helenowski October 21, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Thanks, Jane! I hope to eventually set up another page but haven’t gotten to it yet ;) Right now, I’m still contacting different bloggers to get my name out there. I’m also thinking about setting up a chatroom in November or December so stay tuned for that!


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