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Still More Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks . . .

This discussion began on October 1st and continued on Oct. 3rd… Print vs e-books

Since it only takes one reader comment to move one of our Blog Conversations forward, the two comments we got have positively propelled us ahead :-)

I’ll insert some history links here before sharing our reader comments:

History of Books
( including clay tablets through e-books )

History of E-books
( surprisingly beginning in the 1940s )


Here’s the first reader comment about Print/E-books:

“I use both, though I prefer softcover books. I like the smell and the touch. Sometimes I buy second hand books with little notes written on the pages. I like that; seeing the thoughts of a previous reader. It’s something you can’t have with an ebook. Also, I am willing to pay more for a print book than for an ebook.

“I own an e-reader too. I use it to read cheap and badly written novellas. It is more about quantity than quality. A final and spontaneous thought: as a mom, my behaviour with books sets an example. I want my kids to read and to immerse themselves in books; and that is easier with print books.”

While it is possible to insert notes into an e-book, you don’t see them right on the page—you have to take a link; and, you can’t see others’ notes; though, there is a way to see what others have highlighted…

And, I must say I haven’t heard of any e-readers for toddlers; though it would be interesting if they could make one that babes could safely chew on…

Now, the quite different second reader comment:

“I grew up with print books and paperbacks. I loved paperbacks then; and I do still, now. When I was around ten my parents and I went away on holiday and stayed in a hotel near the beach. One night my parents had to have dinner with some other people and decided to leave me in the hotel room on my own; but, my father went out to a bookshop near the hotel and came back with some paperbacks—they were ‘Tales of the Greek Heroes‘ , and ‘The Tale of Troy’ by Roger Lancelyn Green.

“I read all night and didn’t even notice I was alone. Those books were magic to me and I still have them.

“I do have several e-readers and I do use them to download and read e-books that I cannot get from a bookshop. I enjoy this but so far an e-book does not have memories for me like the books above. Perhaps, in time, I will collect long memories associated with my Kindle :-) “

Fascinating thought—long memories of a book on an e-reader—different, even from re-reading on an e-reader a print book read long ago…

I don’t think I’ll have enough years left to “collect long memories associated with my Kindle”…

But, I’m enjoying returning to many books I read in print format years ago; now on my Kindle…

And, it’s interesting that our reader seems to only put books on an e-reader that she can’t find in a bookshop…

Personally, I get print books when I can’t find an e-format…

I do wonder how many of you have an e-reader other than a Kindle…?

Even though Amazon is a juggernaut, certain other e-readers seem to still have market value…

I also wonder how many of you have never read a book on an e-reader…?

And, if you’re out there—a few folks who’ve never read a print book but do have an e-reader…?

Do you like print and E-books equally…?

Do you use both for different reasons and/or occasions…?

Will you Never use one of them again…?

Will you be the first to move this discussion forward with your comment…?
If you don’t see a way to comment, try the link at the upper right of this post…
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9 responses to “Still More Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks . . .

  1. juliecroundblog October 6, 2018 at 7:37 am

    I did buy a kindle as it seemed a cheap way of reading new books but it stopped working and I find that getting books from the library and buying others second hand is enough for me. Of course, it means I can’t join in the chat about the latest ‘great work’ but it also means I can resist the urge to read what everyone else is reading.


  2. martinaseveckepohlen October 6, 2018 at 9:43 am

    I have a kindle e-reader and an e-reader that’s not a kindle: a Tolino. Tolino Media is an e-publishing project of several of the biggest online bookshops in Germann speaking countries, covering about 45% of the e-book market. Their e-readers are only for epubs. I only use my Tolino to check how my e-books look as epubs because buying from Tolino-associated shops is complicated when you are used to Amazon. And because I’m lazy I stay with Amazon …
    Since you mentioned chewing on e-readers instead of books: Sometimes students in my German classes bring their children with them. The children sit in the back of the room and play with tablets or their parents’ smartphones. If they ever see printed books they are in German but on the phones and tablets they can get apps in Arabic or Chinese.


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  6. buy intrusta antivirus April 9, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    Personally E-books have never been my thing because Ill start reading it online and then get distracted and never quite finish. I need to have book physically in my head to actually read thru it and finish it. I also never fell in love with kindles either. I think I have something against digital screens.


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