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Even More Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks . . .

This discussion began on October 1st and continued on Oct. 3rd and Oct. 5th… E-books or print books

Since it only takes one reader comment to move one of our Blog Conversations forward, the two comments we got have positively impelled us ahead :-)

If you’re somewhat interested in the question of which is better—print or e-book—or, you’re contemplating whether or not both are equally worthy, you might consider taking those first three links up there and checking out what’s been said so far in this discussion…

Here’s a comment from one of our readers (an author) in the U.K.:

“I did buy a kindle, as it seemed a cheap way of reading new books; but, it stopped working; and, I find that getting books from the library and buying others second hand is enough for me. Of course, it means I can’t join in the chat about the latest ‘great work’; but, it also means I can resist the urge to read what everyone else is reading.”

Speaking of stop working… I’ve had one Amazon tablet nearly explode and another start showing blank pages…

It’s refreshing to me when a reader doesn’t fancy-up their opinions in a comment—“…I can resist the urge to read what everyone else is reading…”—this is bold commentary; and, to me, holds more than a little wisdom…

If I were to load every “bestseller” on to my e-reader, I might be tempted to read them—I might like some of them; but, I’m dead sure most would give me a bit of mental indigestion…

I put bestseller in quotes up there because many folks lie about the sales of their books; and, even “legitimate” “bestsellers” are often not what they’re promoted as

I also appreciate our first reader’s statement that she’s quite happy, “…getting books from the library and buying others second hand…”—I can imagine many bestsellerseekers depleting important funds in their budgets to buy new copies of print books—some to stock beautiful shelving, some to make themselves merely “feel good”…

Though, to clarify, I’m fully aware there are folks who truly love print books and feel a deep aesthetic centeredness holding and reading a brand new book…

And, since our reader is a frequent commenter here, here’s her author site :-)


Here’s a comment from one of our readers (an author and publisher) in Germany:

“I have a kindle e-reader and an e-reader that’s not a kindle: a Tolino
Tolino Media is an e-publishing project of several of the biggest online bookshops in German-speaking countries, covering about 45% of the e-book market. Their e-readers are only for epub formatting. I only use my Tolino to check how my e-books look as epubs because buying from Tolino-associated shops is complicated when you are used to Amazon. And, because I’m lazy, I stay with Amazon …

“Since you mentioned [toddlers] chewing on e-readers instead of books (in the post on Oct. 5th): Sometimes students in my German classes bring their children with them. The children sit in the back of the room and play with tablets or their parents’ smartphones. If they ever see printed books, they are in German; but, on the phones and tablets, they can get apps in Arabic or Chinese.”

I always like it when a reader shares info about other countries (I’m in the U.S.A.)

Also, I like the insight about children being exposed to, on digital devices, writing in languages other than their native one…

And, because this reader does quite a bit of commenting here, I’ll share her publishing site and her author page :-)


Here are some questions crafted to, hopefully, encourage you to share a comment…

I wonder how many of you have an e-reader other than a Kindle…?

I also wonder how many of you have never read a book on an e-reader…?

And, if you’re out there—a few folks who’ve never read a print book but do have an e-reader…?

Do you like print and E-books equally…?

Do you use both for different reasons and/or occasions…?

Will you Never use one of them again…?

Will you help move this discussion forward with your comment…?
If you don’t see a way to comment, try the link at the upper right of this post…
Our Blog Conversations are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays—the rest of the week, I share valuable posts from other blogs

For Private Comments or Questions, Email: amzolt {at} gmail {dot} com

4 responses to “Even More Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks . . .

  1. martinaseveckepohlen October 8, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Thank you for linking to my publishing site and my Amazon author page, Alexander :-)
    I find that I tend to try to press my finger on the page of my printed book when I’m tired and too lazy to get a dictionary. But … nothing happens. When I first noticed this behaviour, I loved out loud (to my husbnad’s confusion). Maybe this means that I have reached a new stage on digital migration …


    • Alexander M Zoltai October 8, 2018 at 1:05 pm


      Once again you’re the first to move the conversation forward—thank you…

      And, I’m going to take your word, “loved”, and morph it into “laughed”, unless you tell me not to before Wednesday…


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