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On Not Being a Reader by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Today’s re-blog is a totally fascinating story :-)

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Long ago and not so long, I drove over to have a look at the little village of Whiteleaf in the Chiltern Hills where I was born and lived until I was sixteen.  A huddle of cottages crouching under a majestic hill, surrounded by beechwoods, magical as all childhood places (or at least our memories of them) are.  My climbing tree with my initials cut into it. . . the mysterious trenches deep in the woods, dug by soldiers during the First World War. . .  the secret lane leading to the only place where white violets grew. . .  all present and correct!

Then I wandered down the quiet village street, once a prehistoric pathway known as the Icknield Way, to visit our little library, housed in an old wooden barn.

But the library had gone.  The barn had gone.  The thatched cottages, two on either side of it…

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4 responses to “On Not Being a Reader by Kevin Crossley-Holland

  1. juliecroundblog October 6, 2018 at 7:45 am

    I once met a Crossley Holland in Kent, about thirty years ago. I wonder if there is a connection? It’s a name one doesn’t easily forget. Julie.


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