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Blog Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks?

Ebook and Print Book Our last conversation here—about Challenging Books—had 8 installments; beginning on September 12th and continuing on September 14th17th19th21st24th26th, and the 28th; and, since each installment is powered by one or more reader comments on the previous installment; and, since that post on September 28th got no comments, I get to start a discussion about Print vs E-reading…

Print reading started a loooong time ago—E-reading began… Well… It depends on how you define it…

…from The Godfather of the E-Reader, it appears a machine was developed in 1931; though, not what we would call an Electronic Reader:

“The machine…, in which a ribbon of miniaturized text would scroll behind a magnifying glass at a speed controlled by the reader, sounds a lot like microfilm, then in development.”

“An online simulation of the machine, created by Saper and available at, is fun to play with but not much more comprehensible, especially when turned up to machine-age speeds.”

Reading books on a computer started in 1971 when Michael S. Hart launched Project Gutenberg and digitized the U.S. Declaration of Independence, becoming the first Ebook in the world.

And, from U.S. Government Book Talk:

“Fast forward to 1998, and…the first dedicated eBook readers were launched: Rocket Ebook and Softbook…”

Now, there are almost too many versions of E-Readers…

Here’s an interesting infographic…

ebook readers and apps infographic

History is past and I’ll move into the future (for me…) with a few personal considerations, which will be written in my Now:-)

I Love print books—softbound better than hardbound—and have lost many more (through various Bachelor-Behaviors) than I now have…

I also Love my E-reader, with around 450 books on it…

My love of print books goes back nearly 70 years—my awareness of E-books only began when I turned 50…

In fact, I’ll venture a guess that there are few folks my age regularly reading e-books…

I’m weird, though…

My E-reader goes everywhere I go ( kept company by a print book—the first novel of my Best Friend )

My favorite feature is holding my finger on a word for a second and having its definition show up.

Though, carrying around 450 books is pretty awesome, too…


It takes only one reader comment to move this conversation forward…

Do you like print and E-books equally…?

Or, is there one version you definitely like better…?

Do you use both for different reasons and/or occasions…?

Will you Never use one of them again…?

Do consider joining our conversation………
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7 responses to “Blog Conversation about Reading Print Books or Ebooks?

  1. martinaseveckepohlen October 2, 2018 at 5:16 am

    I feel no longer able to decide wether I prefer printed books or e-books. If the story is easy to read – for the eyes, not neccessarily for the mind – and I can sit in a comfortable position I get lost in it, forget my surroundings and go to otherwise unreachable places. The medium, paper or a screen of any form, is of no importance.

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