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Being Enspelled . . .

That word, enspell, has kept our conversation going for awhile… Being Enspelled

If you’re new here, the posts on Mondays and Wednesdays (and, in 16 weeks, also on Fridays) are the ones devoted to Conversations… The other days of the week are re-blogs from a few excellent sources…

Wiktionary has enspell’s meaning as:

To bewitch with a magic spell; to charm.

Enspell was introduced here by me on Feb. 28th and a comment on that post indicated an author had never heard the word—not so strange, actually…

I, certainly, in spite of 65 years of intense reading, can still bump into unknown words.

So, at the end of last Monday’s post I said:

“…is there anyone out there who knows of any usage of ‘enspell’ in any literature, ancient or modern?”

And, a commenter said:

“I found a Harry Potter fan fiction entitled Enspelled and a crime mystery. I also liked its use in a definition where, ‘He had been enspelled by her from the first moment he glimpsed her in the forest.’ It is amazing how one special word can give the writer that purpose that is so vital.”

And, after I informed the commenter who had never heard the word, about the Potter and crime mystery sources, she found a book entitled Enspelled by Samantha Stone and I did some Googling and found many board and computer games that have enspelling as a power a character can gain…

So, I’m sure I don’t have to remind readers of the times a book has enspelled them; or, the times writers have had a story so powerfully enspell them they had no power to resist writing it…

Even self-publishers can become enspelled, especially in the arena of book promotion; and, most especially, if they work with the principles in the book Be the Gateway

Certain people can enspell us, for good or ill…

Even cold-hearted Movements have enspelled far too many folk…

And, what about movies?

Also, what about documentaries (only the best ones, of course) that any of you might use for research; being enspelled by the story as you learn what’s there and enlarge your mind’s scope…?

If you want to have some excellent documentaries enspell you, try the ones at Al Jazeera—scrolling down to the bottom of the page will give links to channels in other languages…

Anything in this post peak your fancy?

Anything call up a questions or two?

Something stir you to comment?

Have at it! :-)
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