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Sticking with Magic and Creation …

magic of writing Last Wednesday’s post was called, Our Conversation Moves through Grammar toward Learning and Magic . . .

It got a bit longer than most posts on this blog…

And, it attracted a comment:

“Well, I was enspelled when you introduced a word on this post I had never heard of! And now I wonder if anyone knows of any usage of this word, ‘enspell’, in any literature ancient or modern?

“I also do believe that this statement is crucial in talking about writing: ‘…something Magic, deep inside, moves them to relate creations …’

“For me ‘Magic’ is another word for the creative spark which comes from a place where we originate in Creation.”

I was truly enspelled by the last sentence in that comment. At first, the syntax seemed a bit skewed; but, then, it cleared up…

The magic, the creative spark comes from where we come from—“where we originate in Creation”—where we start our journey…


If we want to keep the magic flowing, we need to be especially clear about why we’re here…


When we’re operating from the space that gives us our purpose, we keep the magic flowing…


I did what I could—I’m still battling a wicked cold…

I’ll go find a nice picture for this post then lay back down…

So, is there anyone out there who knows of any usage of ‘enspell’ in any literature, ancient or modern? :-)
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3 responses to “Sticking with Magic and Creation …

  1. jalapenopopey March 5, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    I found a Harry Potter fan fiction entitled Enspelled and a crime mystery. I also liked its use in a definition where, He had been enspelled by her from the first moment he glimpsed her in the forest. It is amazing how one special word can give the writer that purpose that is so vital.

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