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Little Books Might Be the Best Solution for Promotion

When I used the word “Promotion” in the title of this post, I was thinking broadly—more in a minute… 

Scout Promotional Books

Click Image to Visit Scout Books

A little over a week ago, I published a post about the Main Street Writers Movement.

Back in January, the Independent Book Publishers Association published the article, Portland-Based Independent Press Launches a National Community-Building Writers’ Movement.

In that article, this is said:

Forest Avenue [Press] will give away a thousand notebooks created in partnership with Portland’s Scout Books and featuring a pledge for writers to sign, an action-item list, and quotes about why such a movement is necessary in these times.”

As you might have noticed, the “notebooks” mentioned are Scout Books; and, Forest Avenue Press is backing the Main Street Writers Movement

Scout Books can be 3.5 X 5 inches (each starting at about $2 {more with fancier printing options}) or 5 X 7 inches (each starting at about $3 {more with fancier printing options}); and, of course, the cost is less in quantities greater than 250 books; plus, all of them have 32 pages.

You can take the Scout Books link and explore the full potential of these little books for various promotional efforts or you can dive right into the Shop and Blog pages for idea-prompts to get you thinking about how you might use these books, like:

“…a series of nine custom notebooks to use as backer rewards for their record-breaking Kickstarter campaign….”

“…Let’s Do This! goal notebooks, filled with prompts to help you capture and achieve your goals.”

“…charming series of custom notebooks as a giveaway for their members and team….”

“Custom Scout Books make a fantastic and unique holiday gift.”

“Scout Books teamed up with Jolby & Friends to create a limited edition notebook called DRAW MORE, PLANT MORE! Best of all, we’re planting a tree for each notebook made. …”

“We Choose Hope Notebook”

“Night Writer Gift Set”

“Big Ideas Start Here Notebook”

That Shop page up there might be for you if you only want to buy some already designed books

And, if you have any interest, at all, in these Little Promotional Books, do visit Scout Books’ page of their own favorite designs

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