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5 Picture Books That Have Influenced My Teaching of Social Justice Issues by Vanessa Capaldo

Even though “picture books” may seem the province of only children (or, adults reading to children), perhaps you might enjoy some of these… in a suitable hideaway? :-)

Nerdy Book Club

I am a voracious reader and a devoted middle school English teacher. Every year, my focus has been to teach my students about being kind to others and being an upstander who stands for doing what is right and taking care of those who need it. Here are 5 picture books that have influenced my teaching of social justice issues in my classroom. (They are also good for sharing with our own children.)


Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

(social justice issue – bullying)

I had the chance of hearing Woodson speak last January at a teaching conference and I was struck by how eloquent and endearing she is. This certainly bleeds into the stories she writes. This book is about a young girl at a new school who is not accepted by her peers. Rejected, Maya eventually stops coming to school. Chloe, one of the girls who did not accept…

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