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Friday Polls ~ What Are You Writing? ~ Plus ~ What Will You Write Next?

As ever, we begin with the results of last week’s poll—What Do You Want To Read Next? 

Writing Poll

Image courtesy of Chris Baker ~

The most desired next read was “crime/detective” at 20.7%

Then, a three-way tie at 17.24%:



And, “Other”, which registered the following:


“I have composed a list, all genres”


“hoping to read a book called ‘Justice Served Hot'”

Then, a two-way tie at 6.9%:

“Historical” & “Mystery”

Then, a three-way tie at 3.5%”

“Non-fiction”, “Text book” & Sci-Fi

Finally, at 3%—Technical Manual


Now, this week’s polls—yes, there are two of them :-)

For each poll there is only the “Other” box, which can take only about 40 characters…


Go ahead and put your briefest answer in the “Other” box; then, if you want to expand on it, hit the “Vote” button and look toward the bottom of the poll for the “Comments” link—–take that link and, so I can correlate the results, re-enter the brief answer you gave in the “Other” box, along with your more detailed answer——Whew… :-)

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