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Everyone, Right Now, Is Writing Their Own Life . . .

What does it mean to “Write Your Own Life”?

Is it only an affluent person following the steps of a self-help book and dreaming about a more perfect affluence?

Could it also be a political prisoner who uses their mind to stay above the oppression, claiming a true freedom?

What about someone in Iraq, smack in the middle of the ISIS atrocities………?

So, what do I really mean by “Writing Your Own Life”?

Are we always doing it?

Perhaps remembering the analogy that every Reader is Rewriting the book in their hands—“Sam looks at Susan” becomes intimate in a way the author never intended—that hill the boy is climbing feels steeper than the words alone allow…

Then, allow yourself to believe our lives are books we’re writing…

Is it stirring and invigorating?

Depressing and cheerless?

Slipshod and bumbling?

Let me introduce you to Ashenwriter, therapist, and photographer …

I want to share excerpts from two of her posts.

First, … journey into mystery … :

“Close your eyes … switch on a light in the area around your heart and see the image of a rose bud emerge … at first a luminous tip of colour … the bud stirs … the sepals gradually turn outwards. See the petals unfold in a slow and fluid movement … until the rose has opened and exudes its delicate fragrance.”

Those words begin a story you can tell yourself—a story that can heal…

That post also holds a link to a short movie that can take you out of your present world and return you refreshed and expanded…

The other post—… the child in us …—begins with another visualization, deeply rewarding, and includes these words after the insights:

“Suffering brought to consciousness lifts the spell of self blame. Despite appearances of confidence and adult bravado, the child in us is often anxious. Deep down may linger legitimate anger, and, deeper still, sadness and the longing for a precious moment of total acceptance. We call it love. It takes time to soften hearts.”

And, these words:

“Imagination serves multiple roles. It can draw us into habitual loops of negativity and self harm, or stimulate insights and enhance creativity. Artists know this. Imagination can also heal psychic wounds frequently handed down through generations. The healing aspect is especially powerful when employed consciously.  Jung called it ‘Active Imagination‘.”

This Active Imagining, this writing our own script, this envisioning ourselves into new aspects of living is something that working writers do for their characters.

I suggest we all can do it for ourselves—Write Our Own Lives, whenever we want…

There’s much more to experience with Ashen‘s site—the exploration in Books, the delightful video linked to in Inspiration, the enchantment of Poems

I feel moved to end this post with a quote from another of Ashen‘s posts:

A day, whether six or seven years ago or whether six thousand years ago, is just as near to the present as yesterday. Why?  Because all time is contained in now.

Meister Eckhart

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4 responses to “Everyone, Right Now, Is Writing Their Own Life . . .

  1. philipparees September 4, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    The serene Ashen is an inspiration to all her friends! Her posts invariably uplifting, distancing, philosophical and poetic!


  2. courseofmirrors September 4, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    How kind. Thank you, Alexander ☼ And Philippa, for endorsing my posts ☼
    I won’t sign up to daily notifications, but I’ll put ‘notes from an alien’ on my blogroll, so I can visit often and my visitors can find your richly informative site.


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