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Friday Poll ~ What Are Your Writing Rituals?

First, the results of last week’s poll—Traditional vs? Self Publishing:

Writing Rituals

Image Courtesy of mark robinson ~

I’ve only been Self-Published = 29.41% 

I’ve only been Traditionally published = 5.88% 

I’ve been both Traditionally & Self-Published = 11.76% 

I’m thinking of being Self-Published = 11.76% 

I’m thinking of being Traditionally Published = 5.88% 

I’m thinking of being both Traditionally and Self-Published = 17.65% 

I’ve never been published = 11.76% 

There was one response in “Other” > “I’d like a definition of both traditional & self-publishing.”

I’ll refer that person to the Top Tags in the left side-bar for a wealth of info on both :-)


Today’s poll is about what you (if you’re a writer) do asritual activity” to get you into your writing “zone”…

There are a few choices you can select below and there’s always the “Other” space for special answers.

If your other-answer won’t fit in the space, check the “More” option in the poll, then Vote, then use the Comments for a full answer…

Also, you can do ALL of the following:

Select Multiple Rituals
Enter Multiple “Other” answers (if they fit)
PLUS select a “More” vote and make further Comments…

To Leave A Comment, Use The Link At The Top-Right of The Post :-)
For Private Comments or Questions, Email: amzolt {at} gmail {dot} com


3 responses to “Friday Poll ~ What Are Your Writing Rituals?

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