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A Few Facts ( And, Speculations) About Indie Author Earnings

Much is being said about how much a writer can earn if they self-publish.

Author Earnings

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And, much is being discussed about the terms “Indie Author” vs. “Self-Published Author”.

Today, I want to focus on the Earnings for writers (whatever they’re called) if they Don’t use a Traditional Publisher

We have to start with considerations of how digital self-publishing is affecting traditional publishers.

And, it would also be advantageous to consider how writers can actually make a living

One other consideration, which I featured in the past post, Is The Success of Indie Authors Just A Bunch of Hype? (where I brought in the thoughts of Smashwords CEO, Mark Coker), is also an important topic.

One author who’s at the front line of exploring author earnings is Hugh Howey; and, Mark Coker explores the fuss Howey has created with his efforts to expose some facts about Indie Author Earnings in the article, Hugh Howey and the Indie Author Revolt.

By the way, if you don’t click-through on all the links I’ve already given you, and you want to clearly understand the issues of Indie vs Traditional, do make an effort to check out that last link :-)

Mr. Coker also has an article called, Indie Ebook Author Community to Earn More than Traditional Ebook Authors.

He admits that he’s in the realm of speculation but he is the CEO of “the world’s largest distributor of indie ebooks”.

The article has charts and all that but I want to focus on just a few of his summary comments:

“My projections paint a picture of an indie author community poised to capture an ever-larger share of ebook profits if print continues to decline in importance.”

“But this does not mean that indie authorship is the road to riches.”

“The rise of self-published ebooks will lead to a glut of high-quality books that never go out of print.”

“These books, combined with the ebook releases of traditional publishers, will accumulate on ebook retailer shelves and lead to more high-quality ebooks competing for a limited number of reader eyeballs.”

“It means readers will become more discerning.”

“It means all authors – indie or otherwise – will face more intense competition than ever before.”

Let me add, “more intense competition” certainly, but digital publishing does give more writers the Chance to get into the game :-)

Now, I’d like your opinion

Can you agree with this last comment from Mark?

“Good books aren’t good enough anymore.  Readers want wow books. Indies will deliver.”
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