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Is Genre The Best Way To Pick A Book?

genre I’m going to feature an article from an intriguing publication in this post but, first, I’ll give you a few links to past posts on this blog that considered the Genre Question:

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Genre Reconsidered ~ Reader-Driven Fiction

Genre or Literary? What’s The Difference?

Curator is a curious publication—a wide mix of writing styles plus coverage of Humanity, Literature, Film and Television, Music and Performing Arts, Visual Art, and Poetry.curatorLOGObanner

The article from Curator I’m focusing on is called, Like a Cork Out of a Bottle, and has quite a unique writing style—so unique it’s hard to pull out a paragraph or two to share

So, I’ll pull out some of the most interesting sentences to give the flavor of the piece and urge you to take that link and experience it yourself :-)

“If these genre conventions had flesh and blood, I would fight them with swords.”

“If a book is not neat and square and laid out in rows, the market won’t have it.”

“How does a person with a muse get by in a world of grids and rigid logic and instant categorization?”

“When I publish a 70,000-word paean to the recklessness of divine love, the book will ‘compete’ alongside subway reading about vampires and sexual deviants.”

“I understand that we need content cues, a sort of lexical and visual shorthand for what we’ll find in a book or on a website. But I can’t figure out this particular communication ritual, this here branding thing.”

“This culture is not ready for what I have to say, for the surgery I must perform.”

Hopefully, those sentences captured a bit of the flavor of the writer’s mind but a full read is necessary to capture his message

You might also want to visit this writer’s blog: G.T. Anders ~ ramblings for the hopeful lost.

Because of its topic and Mr. Anders style, I’d love Your thoughts and/or feelings on the article in the Comments
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3 responses to “Is Genre The Best Way To Pick A Book?

  1. cmmarcum October 13, 2013 at 7:26 am

    I too find it difficult to categorize my writing. But if I go back to the beginning, I realize that I started with the idea of writing something completely ‘off-grid.’ Ergo, if I’m so determined to chart unknown waters, how can I expect the NORMS to follow when I’m finished?

    On a few occasions I’ve thought about writing some generic genre, but it’s just so boring that I can’t hang with it. Know what I mean? Ickey-wickey. Yawn…


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