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More On Why Google Plus Is Important for Writers . . .

Did you know that only 7% of word-of-mouth buzz happens on Social Networks?

Check out the video on my post called, How Can An Author Make Their Book Go Viral?, for the facts :-)

But, even if that’s true, wouldn’t you want to use a social network that gave you the most bang for your buck?

I think it’s Google Plus

Two previous posts that explore why are:

Google Plus and The Author Platform

Why All Writers “Should” Consider Having A Google Plus Account . . .

The main reason is what’s called Google Authorship which basically let’s you “tag” all your on-line content and makes it improve your search profile on the Web

The most comprehensive article I’ve read (so far) about how Authorship can help is Mark Traphagen‘s Your Google Plus Network Is More Powerful Than You Know on WindMill Networking.

Here are the main topics in that article:

The Effect of Your Network on Personalized Search

What About Facebook Graph Search?

Why Google+ and Google Personalized Search Are a Better Recommendation Engine

Why Your Google Network Is So Important to You As a Marketer

Google Networking Strategies

If you’re a writer who wants to create buzz in the ‘Net’s Social Arena, I strongly urge you to go read Mark’s article :-)

Here are two brief excerpts:

“If you’re in any aspect of marketing, I shouldn’t have to explain to you the value of a well-crafted network. My value proposition to you today, though, is that of all the networks you could build online, your Google+ network may be the most valuable. Why? Because the larger and more influential your Google network is, the more search results you affect.

“As you gain following and influence on Google+, that power spreads exponentially. That’s because the personalizing effect can reach into your extended network (the Google contacts of the people who are your Google contacts). That means that if one person who has 10,000 Google+ followers (and/or other Google contacts, such as people in her Gmail contacts) follows you, you’ve gained the ability to potentially influence the search of not just one, but 10,000 other people, most of whom don’t even know you exist!”


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